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Method of constructing universal adjustable bed

A universal adjustable bed is provided to accommodate twin, twin extra long, full extra long, queen, etc. adjustable beds through a single adjustable bed mechanism which can be accommodated in beds irrespective of the differences in sizes thereof. The adjustable bed mechanism includes headboard and footboard adjusting linkage mechanisms and drive mechanisms therefor with associated head, seat, thigh and foot boards, all unitized in a single assembly which can be "drop-in" assembled to an associated bed foundation. Significantly, the support frame includes locating or connecting points which correspond in transverse distances to like support points of the bed foundation irrespective of the width of the specific bed foundation. In this manner a single universal adjustable bed mechanism can be dropped-in and connected to an appropriate bed foundation to form a bed of virtually any conventional size.

Adjustable bed

An adjustable bed having an upper frame mounted to translate with respect to a lower frame. A center support is connected to the upper frame and has a head support pivotally connected to one end thereof. A thigh support is pivotally connected to the other end of the center support and a foot support is connected to the other end of the thigh support. The bed includes an improved mounting for a massage motor in which a massage motor is suspended from a mounting plate resting on a mattress pad or base supported by an articulated support platform.

Adjustable bed with automatic adjusting head section

An adjustable bed includes at a minimum a head support and a back support pivotally connected to each other, a mechanism for pivoting the head support automatically from a first position horizontal and coplanar to the back support to an inclined position, and the latter mechanism being effective upon further operation to pivotally move the back support from its horizontal position to any one of a number of inclined positions without altering the inclination of the head support relative to the back support.

Adjustable bed rail

An adjustable bed rail capable of gripping a mattress either alone or together with a bedspring to hold the protective side rail in place. A locking assembly is adjustable to adjust for the height of the mattress either alone or together with the bedspring. Friction pads and/or friction surfaces may be mounted along the bed rail to further enhance the locking of the side rail to the mattress. The bed rail may be provided with a rail that drops down to facilitate climbing on to or off of the bed and can be locked into the upright position.

Method of constructing universal adjustable bed
Adjustable bed with improved castor control assembly

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