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Laminate products useful in the production of bra cups and process for making same

A process is provided for making laminate sheet materials, having outer fabric layers and an intermediate non-woven fiberfill layer, which are particularly suitable for use in making molded, one-piece, bra cups. The process involves the application of an adhesive to the intermediate fiberfill layer through a reverse roll technique and the subsequent curing and partial shrinking of the individual layers of the laminate structure through the application of uniform and constant pressure and heat before molding.

Strapless bra

A strapless bra includes an upper strap system coupled to an upper portion of each of first and second cup members, wherein the upper strap system includes first and second strap members selectively operable to couple to one another, and a lower strap system coupled to a lower portion of each of the first and second cup members, wherein the lower strap system includes third and fourth strap members selectively operable to couple to one another. The upper strap system is selectively operable to conform to a first girth and the lower strap system is selectively operable to conform to a second girth. The first and second girths can be unequal.

Adhesive bra

An improved adhesive bra as well as an improved bra cup for receiving and supporting the breast is provided. The adhesive bra includes a pair of bra cups and each of the bra cups includes a surface facing towards one of the breasts and having an indentation corresponding to an area of the nipple and includes an adhesive layer on the surface. In comparison with the conventional ones, the provided adhesive bra fits the breast much more and allows women to create an additional breast push-up enhancement.

Motorcycle Fender Bra

The Motorcycle Fender Bra is a readily installable/removable cover that protects the lower part of a motorcycle front fender from road debris. The Bra is made of soft leather or vinyl and is curved in the shape of a slightly concave half moon, with an underside leather or vinyl pouch and nylon straps that wrap around the motorcycle forks and snap together with a standard utility clip.

Bra for postpartum non nursing mothers
Hands-free breast pump supporting bra and system
Bra cups having wave-shaped edge

101 20060189254 Strapless bra
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111 20050277364 Adjustable lifting bra
112 20050277363 Garment with integral bra system
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115 20050250418 Backless, strapless bra
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118 20050186885 Multi-piece bra
119 20050164602 Push-up sports bra
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121 20050085162 Weighted sports bra
122 20050085160 Tank top nursing bra
123 20050079796 Self-adhesive fabric bra
124 20050059320 Multi-piece bra
125 20050055066 Medium and low frequency electro-stimulated massaging bra
126 20050037687 Custom fit bra
127 20050005345 Bra cup padding structure
128 20040259468 Bra with closure means
129 20040242119 MATERNITY BRA
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131 20040208243 Adaptive receivers for bit rate agile (BRA) and modulation demodulation (modem) format selectable (MFS) signals
132 20040110447 Adjustable circular knit bra with stabilizing areas and method of making the same
133 20040043697 BRA STRUCTURE
134 20040023594 Backless, strapless bra
135 20040016039 Nursing garment and support bra
136 20040014393 Safety bubble cushion bra-sheath
137 20030211810 NURSING BRA
138 20030190861 Bra structure having rigid under-arm support members
139 20030082994 Adjustable circular knit bra with stabilizing areas and method of making the same
140 20030073378 Backless, strapless bra with swivel snap system
141 20020171259 Bug-bra for camper/trailer
142 20020155785 Procedure for embroidering by creating forms and closing the margins of cut and pre-shaped bra cups
143 20020132558 Activity bra and method of producing same
144 20020121273 Breast cancer treatment support bra
145 20020031978 Bras, bra systems and garments incorporating same
146 20020022433 Dual-layered seamless sports bra and camisole
147 20010038022 Bra support
148 20010027079 Strapless and backless bra
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150 20010012747 Bra with straps for matching clothing
151 20010000164 Article of clothing with built-in bra
152 4090900 Laminate products useful in the production of bra cups and process for making same
153 3950792 Mastectomy accessory for bra

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