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Weighted sports bra

A bra to be worn by a woman during exercising includes front and rear portions. A plurality of pockets are disposed in the front and rear portions of the bra. A plurality of weights may be disposed in the pockets. Any one of the weights may be connected in any one of a plurality of locations relative to the bra.

Nursing bra with pocket

A nursing bra comprised of two cups with an outer pocket/flap in each cup for holding a thin circular heating/cooling device in place. This pocket is a full piece of fabric with an opening at the upper center portion of the garment that holds the heating/cooling device in place. The heating/cooling device provides relief from engorgement, plugged ducts, mastitis and other general nursing pain. There is also a rear panel comprised of two cups with openings in each cup for nursing a baby. The front and rear panel coexist, forming a supportive and comfortable bra. The removable front, outer panel is connected to the rear panel at the base, which allows for the upper portion of the front panel to be lowered allowing the nipple, and surrounding area of the woman's breast to be exposed for nursing.

Multi-layer uplift bra

A multi-layer uplift bra which enhances a woman's natural curves while providing adequate support and coverage for the breasts includes a bottom portion capable of encircling the torso of a wearer, a pair of breast cups joined at a center portion, and a pair of straps, each of which being connected at one end to a breast cup and at another end to the bottom portion of the bra. The pair of straps are capable of extending over a pair of shoulders of the wearer. The breast cups include a first layer for lifting the breasts and creating cleavage and a second layer for supporting and holding the breasts in place. A joining means is provided for joining the first and second layers together along the bottom portion of the multi-layer uplift bra.

Backless bra

A backless bra. The backless bras has an elongate strap formed with a loop at each end. Each loop is configured for positioning about the breast of a user with strap material, therebetween positioned about the back of a user's neck.

Bra for postpartum non nursing mothers
Hands-free breast pump supporting bra and system
Bra cups having wave-shaped edge

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