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Hinge assembly for providing a cat litter box with a readily removable hinged cover

A hinge of single piece construction particularly adapted for providing a removable pivotal attachment for a raised cover on a cat litter box wherein the rearward ends of the litter container and cover are each provided with vertical slots positioned such that upon the cover being disposed on the container in a closed position the slots on the cover are disposed adjacently above and in axial alignment with the slots on the litter container. The hinge defines a curvilinear depending tab portion adapted to extend through one of the aligned pairs of slots against a portion of the litter box and be removably retained in a snug fitment within the slot in the litter container. The tab portion of the hinge member merges into a curvilinear guide portion extending upwardly and rearwardly from the tab portion which merges into a cover support portion. Upon the tab portions of a pair of hinges being extended through the aligned vertical slots and the forward end of the cover being raised from the container, the cover is caused to pivot rearwardly on the container by the curvilinear guide portions of the hinges until a raised rear wall portion of the cover abuts the cover support portions of the hinges causing the tab position of the hinges to bear against the litter box whereupon the cover rests on the support portions of the hinges in a fully open position without the need for additional support while providing unobstructed access to the litter container.

Cat litter collection device

An improved cat litter collection device comprising a base unit having an open top, whereby the base unit sits upon a flat horizontal surface. A litter pan fits into the open top of the base unit. A cat can stand upon the base unit and deposit urine and feces directly into the litter pan without having to step into the litter pan. This prevents the cat from tracking unwanted litter and feces residue to other areas that are remote from the base unit.

Cat litter box

A cat litter box has a solid bottom, vertical sides and a top with an opening to admit a cat. The height of the vertical sides is such that a cat can reach the top with its forepaws by standing on its hindlegs. The box is low enough that a cat would have easy access to the box, yet is deep enough to prevent the escape of litter or excreta from the box during use by a cat.

Cat litter pan enclosure

A cat litter pan enclosure comprising a first litter pan member, and a litter pan receiving member into which the first litter pan member is installed. The first litter pan member has a first pan center and a first pan perimeter. The litter pan receiving member has a bottom member and four side members. The bottom member has a first and second bottom surface. The four side members extend from the first bottom surface and are in connection with one another to form a closed bottomed container that is open above the first bottom surface. The first bottom surface is of dimensions sufficient to allow the pan center of the litter pan member to be placed thereon in a manner such that any portion of the pan perimeter adjacent a side member is between two and five inches from the side member. One of the side members has a height of between four and eight inches above the first bottom surface. The other three side members have a height of between eight and thirty-six inches above the first bottom surface. The first bottom surface may include a positioning structure for facilitating positioning of the first pan center in registration with a central portion of the first bottom surface. The positioning structure contacts the litter pan or encloses a portion of the exterior of the litter pan to prevent the litter pan from sliding about the first bottom surface.

Paw cleaning louvered ramp for cat litter box
Non-clogging cat litter sifting device
Cat litter device

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