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Cat litter

A cat litter product is provided and includes manufacture primarily from modified corn starch which is processed through mash distillation. The litter product is pelletized via an extrusion technology process so as to form particles the size of wheat grain. The litter product provides, collectively, a non-toxic and naturally safe, biodegradable, odor-eliminating, scented, anti-bacterial litter that clumps in a convenient size for easy disposal and which has little dust and reduces tracking by cats.

Cat litter box

A cat litter box is provided, comprising four side walls connected in a rectangular shape, a rounded top edge, two hinged bottom trap doors, and protective edges connected to the bottom trap doors to keep litter from emptying when the doors are closed. The cat litter box has particular utility in connection with quickly and completely emptying all litter contents from the box through the bottom trap doors when the cat litter box is lifted.

Cat litter device

A cat litter device includes a drum rotatable about an axis for containing litter with the drum having a front and a backend. A cat opening is disposed in the front end and a waste exit is disposed in the backend, which is coaxial with the rotation axis. A filter is fixed for rotation within the drum between the front and back ends for sifting feces and agglomerated filter from the litter. The filter conforms to a drum interior to prevent breakup of fragile agglomerates. An exterior waste tube is in communication with the filter and the waste exit for receiving feces and agglomerated litter from the filter and transferring the feces and agglomerated litter to the waste exit. An exterior waste tube is coupled to the waste exit for enabling rotation of the drum thereabout and a collection bag is removably connected to the exterior waste tube for receiving and disposing of the feces and agglomerated litter.

Cat litter pods

An apparatus for animal litter called a Cat Litter Pod. This apparatus features a bottom built-in liner, impervious to liquids; a top gauze-like, cheesecloth material to cover the litter granules; a way to join the top and bottom to provide an encasement space; and absorbent granules of various litter material inside the encasement. This litter pod provides convenience and portability to necessary sanitation devices for cats that are kept inside. Configured as a low profile and disposable this apparatus is particularly important to older or infirm cats that have problems with limited mobility.

Paw cleaning louvered ramp for cat litter box
Non-clogging cat litter sifting device
Cat litter device

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