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Table, especially office and conference table

The invention relates to a table which is primarily used as an office or conference table, is longer than 2.5 m, and comprises an upwardly open trough (2) as a substructure which is arranged beneath the leaf (1) of the table and preferably consists of sheet metal which is e.g. 2 mm thick. The leaf of the table (1) is connected in a fixed manner to edges (25) which are bent away from the trough (2), creating a sandwich-type structure with mutual reinforcement of the leaf (1) of the table and the trough (2). Especially advantageously, the trough (2) has a trapezoidal cross-section. A grid of openings (210) in the trough (2) enables the feet (4) of the table to be mounted in any position. Additional appliance openings (211) are used to insert socket units (80), while installation openings (200) in the bottom (20) of the trough (2) as used as cable ducts. A height leveling device is provided in each foot (4). A particular advantage of the invention is the stability achieved with a relatively light structure, even for longer tables.

Conference table

A conference table includes a work surface supported by at least two supports and a plurality of receiving slots positioned generally beneath the work surface and accessible from at least one side of the conference table. The receiving slots are configured to receive electronic racking units therein, and include electrical connections for electrically connecting a power source to the racking units when the racking units are inserted into the receiving slots. The racking units are securable in the receiving slots and are generally concealable within the receiving slots via at least one movable cover. The table may include a plurality of lights positioned around the table and movable between a raised position, where the lights may illuminate the work surface, and a lowered position, where the lights may be positioned generally beneath the work surface. The table may include an accessory well for movably housing an accessory within the well of the conference table.

Conference table with central utility system
Table, especially office and conference table

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