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Mobile crusher and crusher control method

The present invention is a mobile crusher and a method for controlling the same, wherein the most suitable amount of crushed substances can be always secured so as to obtain crushed substances having a desired particle size distribution. To this end, the crusher mechanism includes an actual rotational speed changing means (1 2 3); an actual rotational speed detecting means (4); a rotational speed setting means (7) for setting at least one target rotational speed Nm for the crusher mechanism (13) and for setting, for each target rotational speed Nm, a rotational speed Na indicating a starting of supplying raw materials and a rotational speed Nb indicating a stopping of the supplying of raw materials; and a control means (6) for controlling the crusher mechanism such that an actual rotational speed N coincides with the target rotational speed Nm, starting the supplying of raw materials from a raw material supply device (14) when the actual rotational speed N increases to a rotational speed Na, and stopping the supplying of raw materials when the actual rotational speed N decreases to the rotational speed Nb.

Can crusher and storage system

A can crusher and storage system is provided including a piston housing having a first face, a second face, and a periphery formed therebetween defining an interior space. The piston housing has an inlet formed in the periphery thereof adjacent the first face. A thin rectangular outlet is formed in the periphery of the piston housing between the inlet and the first face and is further situated opposite of and offset from the inlet. Next provided is a piston assembly situated within the interior space of the piston housing for crushing cans situated within the inlet upon the actuation thereof. A control assembly is provided for selectively actuating the piston assembly.

Self-propelled remote-controlled stone crusher designed to operate inside trenches

A self-propelled stone crusher includes systems designed to operate the various machine functions by remote control (30), for operating on open ground or inside trenches, collecting and crushing rocks and stones which are then unloaded and levelled behind the machine. The chassis (3) of the machine is hinged to a shaft (11) integral with a crawler support structure (5) so that the machine can be tilted to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the lie of the land, and the crusher has a hammer mill (10) at the front, the perimeter of which is formed by a grid consisting of a number of bars (25), the distance between which varies, depending on the required particle size of the crushed material.

Conical Crusher having a single piece outer crushing member

A conical crusher having a rigidly supported outer frustoconically shaped crushing member and an inner conical crushing member supported on a wobble mechanism which is in turn supported by air bellows. The air pressure in the air bellows is regulated to adjust the spacing between the inner and outer crushing members, and therefore the particle size of the crushed material. The inner and outer crushing members are readily replaceable. The outer crushing member is a single piece bowl/bowl liner component.

Invertible center feed disk for a vertical shaft impact crusher
Copper crusher gauge holder
Mobile crusher and crusher control method
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Can crusher including a ripper tooth
Crusher with rotating crusher bodies
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Mass (inductive) reactance vibratory mill or crusher employing mechanical drive force
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Can and bottle crusher
Jaw-type rock crusher with toggle plate tension bar
Jaw-type rock crusher with toggle plate tension bar

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