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Method for monitoring condition of bearings of a crusher, and a crusher

Malfunctions of sliding bearings of gyratory crushers used in crushing stone are anticipated by providing sensors in connection to bearing parts, by means of which sensors it is possible to observe increases in friction forces. A beginning bearing damage can be detected by means of sensors at such an early stage, that extensive damage to bearings and to other parts of the crusher can be prevented.

Gyratory crusher with hydrostatic bearings

A rock crusher of the gyratory cone type having a mainframe structured to be exceptionally strong yet lighter and less costly to manufacture. A tapered spindle bolted to mainframe, is drilled with multiple oil holes, is hollow for circulating heating/cooling fluid, and supports an adjustable thrust bearing. An eccentric member journals on spindle; eccentric has outer taper offset and canted relative to inner taper, and each taper has concentric cylinderical extensions; A gyrating conical member journals on eccentric. Said thrust bearing having spherical surfaces supports conical member on said spindle. A double reduction gear train transfers power to eccentric. Flow dividers direct lubricant to specific multiple ports for hydrostatic lubrication to conical and thrust bearings. Counterbalancing means. A detachable top frame positioned on top of mainframe is restrained against radial and circular movement. Pivoting hooks and hydraulic cylinders tilt outward facilitating rapid servicing. Gas accumulators with hooks and cylinders restrain top frame against crushing forces, yield to non-crushable objects. Detachable top frame has internal thread engaging an external thread of a rotatable member that when rotated adjusts for product sizes and replacement of wear parts; a means to lubricate said threads. Power means to unlock, rotate, and lock said rotatable member. A wear resistant mantle is clamped to gyrating conical member by hydraulic means. A wear resistant liner is held in rotatable member by slidable wedges.

Garlic crusher

A garlic crusher is composed of a upper pressing on which is disposed a pressing block, a lower pressing piece on which is disposed a garlic-pressing groove for accepting the pressing block, and a through-hole-matrix metal sheet. Using a pintle, the corresponding ends respectively of the upper and the lower pressing piece are connected to be a hinge joint. The garlic-pressing groove is disposed at one end of the lower pressing piece near the pintle, and formed by the downward through-aperture on the lower pressing piece and a through-hole-matrix metal sheet, which is inserted into the lower pressing piece through an inserting slot to take its position just above the widow disposed on the lower pressing piece. The garlic crusher is quite convenient in installation and in operation.


The invention provides a crusher which can produce uniform finely pulverised material without having to increase the speed of the rotor, and which has a good rate of productivity. The crusher comprises crushing vanes 3 having extensions 35 formed protruding radially from the outer surface of the rotor 1 and extending below a raw material drop point A of a dead-bed 4 and an annular wall 5 similarly positioned below the raw material drop point A of the dead-bed 4 on an inner rim of a lower plate 22 of the crushing chamber 2 and pulverizing is effected by the material 7 which rebounds and falls from the dead-bed 4 striking the extensions 35 of the crushing vanes 3.

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Jaw-type rock crusher with toggle plate tension bar

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