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Method for controlling a gyratory crusher

A gyratory crusher has two crushing shells (4 5) defining between them a crushing gap (6). In operation, the crushing gap is adjusted as a function of the determined crushing-shell wear calculated on the basis of reference data on the established rate of wear of the crushing shells (4 5) in previous crushing operations involving the same or a similar raw material. To adjust the particle size distribution of the crushed goods and obtain the desired particle size distribution curve, the crusher is operated with brief periods of alternatingly different settings of the width of the crushing gap (6) and/or with alternating crushing power or crushing force.

Control apparatus for fluorescent lamp crusher

As each tube is fed into the feed chute of a fluorescent lamp tube crusher, and regardless of the size of the tube, a sensor switch in the chute immediately sends a count signal to an associated tube counter, and also produces an inhibit signal which prevents a second count signal from being applied to the counter for a predetermined interval of time that is greater than the time it takes to grind up a tube of a first size and that is less than the time it takes to crush a tube of larger size. If at the end of the interval a tube of larger size is still being crushed, a second count signal is applied to the counter.


The invention is a crusher having a fixed crusher member and a vertically reciprocating crusher member. Reciprocation of the crusher member is achieved by a pivoting arm located beneath the crusher member which is preferably driven by a toggle mechanism located to one side of the crusher.

Portable recycle crusher

A portable recycle crusher system has a hopper with inward and downward sloping sides, and fold-out hopper extensions. A belt feeder beneath the hopper slides on a slide deck made of a low friction, wear-resistant plastic bolted to a steel plate to prevent tearing of the belt when sharp pointed objects are dumped into the hopper. Stopping and starting and speed of the belt are controlled by remote radio control. Materials fall off the end of the belt feeder onto a scalper, which allows fine materials to bypass a crusher. The materials then enter a large rectangular opening of the crusher, and approach rotating hammers at a proper angle and speed. The hammers strike and break the materials and throw them against abrasion-resistant plates. The broken materials fall between the spinning hammers and through sizing screen steel grates, which provide positive product size control. The materials fall onto a discharge conveyor, which carries the materials away from the recycle crusher and scalper. The hopper, conveyors, crusher and scalper are mounted on a rectangular beam frame, which is supplied with an axle and wheels and a connector for towing the crusher system on roads. An engine mounted on the frame drives a hydraulic pump to operate the feeder and conveyor, and mechanically drives the crusher.

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