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Can crusher including a ripper tooth

A can crusher for flattening cans is provided which has a cylindrical body having a first upstream end and a second downstream end. A fluid cylinder having a piston rod is connected to the first end of the body and a piston rod is mounted within the body and attached to the piston rod for movement from a retracted upstream position to an extended downstream position. A discharge opening is provided in the body adjacent the downstream end thereof. A can receiving opening is provided in the body spaced a distance from the discharge opening at least equal to the maximum can height to be accommodated by the can crusher. A ripper tooth extends longitudinally within the body from the can receiving opening to the discharge opening. A control device selectively supplies hydraulic fluid to opposite ends of the fluid cylinder to move the piston between the retracted position and the extended position to simultaneously drain liquid from the can as it is crushed. The piston has a longitudinal groove aligned with the ripper tooth through which the ripper tooth passes when the piston moves between the retracted position and the extended position.

Beverage can crusher

A beverage can crusher has a pair of rollers which rotate toward one another to crush a can between them. The crusher has a deposit window and chute which place the cans above the rollers and ensure that the cans are flattened from the sides rather than smashed from the top. This provides for a repeatable, baleable crushed can. An actuator placed less than one can length above the rollers in the chute energizes the drive motor to rotate the rollers and continues to have the rollers rotating as long as there is a can engaging the actuator The rollers have a special receiving surface and engaging surfaces which grip the sides of the can to minimize slipping so that the can will be pulled down between the rollers. In addition, pins extend radially outward from the outer surface of the rollers to further grip the can.

Fluorescent lamp crusher

A lamp crusher housing is mounted on the removable cover of a replaceable waste container to discharge crushed lamps into the waste container through an opening in the cover. An elongate, plastic sleeve is removably and sealingly secured at one end over the upper end of the waste container, and at its opposite end around the outlet of the housing from which crushed lamp particles are discharged. The sleeve has an excess portion folded into the waste container so that when the cover is lifted from the container opposite ends of the sleeve bag remained sealingly connected to the waste container and housing outlet so that no toxic gases are allowed accidentally to escape into their surrounding atmosphere. The apparatus includes a replaceable filter cartridge for filtering out mercury vapors, and the like. Each cartridge contains a fuse which is connected in the circuit that controls the motor that drives the lamp crusher. When a new cartridge is placed in the apparatus its fuse is connected into the control circuit and permits only a predetermined number of lamp crushing operations to occur, after which the motor will be prevented from further operation until the saturated cartridge is replaced by a new, clean cartridge.

Rolling bearing arrangement for a conical crusher

A rolling bearing arrangement for a conical crusher in which a vertically arranged driving element is rotatably mounted on a base and a crushing cone is mounted inclined with respect to the vertical on the upper end of the driving element so as to be freely rotatable, characterized in that the rolling bearing arrangement comprises a single common hollow cylindrical outer part in which two inner rings situated axially behind each other are supported on rolling elements, the outer part being part of the driving element and the first inner ring being connected with the base whereas the second inner ring, which is arranged inclined and eccentrically offset with regard to the first inner ring, carries the crushing cone.

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