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Crusher housing

A housing, composed of large-area plates, of a heavy crusher for the treatment of rock or recycling material is held together with simple lug and cotter connections instead of by welding or screw unions. This allows transportation in the knocked-down state, erection by unskilled workers on the site and use and - for later relation - simple disassembly.

Crusher with rotating crusher bodies

A crusher comprises first and second rotating crusher bodies installed on two rotatably supported shafts spaced apart from each other, and having crusher blades provided on their outer peripheries. A first compression board is positioned at one side of both of the crusher bodies, forming a crushing passage with one side of these rotating crusher bodies, and is capable of compressing an object passing through this crushing passage. A gate board is located below the first compression board and opens and closes the crushing passage.

Jaw crusher

A jaw crusher is equipped for the first time with a horizonal crushing chamber and, for replacement of gravity for the conveyance of the material being crushed through the crushing chamber, with an abutment comprising a chain conveyor. The mechanism for applying the crushing force on the jaw rocker (10) is selected so that the action is equivalent to that of a double bell-crank jaw crusher even for hardest material and in particular for recycling material such as reinforced concrete.

Supporting structure for the crushing head of a cone crusher

A novel supporting structure for the crushing head of a cone crusher in which an eccentric rotating in a frame and the crushing head gyrating in the inner periphery of the eccentric are movable up and down by hydraulic pressure, characterized in that a cylindrical socket is inserted in a sleeve of the frame which is slidable up and down while the eccentric and the crushing head are supported by a hydraulic mechanism mounted on the upper end of the sleeve, thereby reducing the overall height of the cone crusher.

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Jaw-type rock crusher with toggle plate tension bar

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