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Vertical shaft impact crusher with split tub

A vertical shaft impact crusher features a split tub such that the upper portion carrying the anvil ring and anvils can be removed as a unit and inverted on the ground for fast and easy anvil removal. The upper tub portion can also be rotated relative to the lower portion in order to even out anvil wear quickly and effectively.

Multi cavity medication card crusher

An apparatus for crushing multi cavity medication cards wherein each cavity serves as a receptacle containing individual doses of medication such as, for example, pills or tablets. The apparatus includes a frame with a reciprocally movable platen and changeable medication card support plates mounted below the movable platen. Dependent upon the configuration of the card to be crushed, a crusher plate is attached to the platen having protrusions formed thereon to engage each of the cavities of the card. The card support plate may be of a substantially solid construction for crushing pills contained within each cavity of the card, or may be apertured so as to permit expulsion of the medication from the card as the card is crushed.

Impact crusher rotating impeller table

The disclosure relates to an improved rotating impeller table for a secondary impact crusher comprising a side discharge port containing housing incorporating dove tailed abrasion resistant wear elements disposed on the external cylindrical wall thereof. The dovetailed wear elements overlap and are supported by removable lower edge wear liners which also protect the outer edge area of the lower part of the housing. A removable top liner retains the dove tailed elements in position and protects the upper part of the housing from abrasion. A removable and repositionable wear ring fits within an annular opening in the top of the housing and may be repositioned at least three times to essentially triple its wear life. Upper and lower centrufugally locking flat and ramped liners are disposed within the housing on its upper and lower ends. Parallel planar vertical walls, deflection plates and pins adjacent the side discharge ports on the housing are uniquely structured and positioned to give extended wear and optimum results.

Construction of bearing for cone crusher

A novel bearing construction for use in a cone crusher and the like in which an eccentric rotating in a frame and a crushing head gyrating in the inner periphery of the eccentric are movable up and down by hydraulic pressure. A cylindrical socket inserted in a sleeve of the frame is slidable up and down while the crushing head is supported by the upper part of the socket and the eccentric is supported by the lower part of the socket so that the bearing are prevented from wear and trouble during operation.

Invertible center feed disk for a vertical shaft impact crusher
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Vertical shaft impact crusher with split tub
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Jaw-type rock crusher with toggle plate tension bar

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