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Can crusher

A can crusher for axially crushing an empty can of the type having a recessed top and bottom and a pour hole in the top, the pour hole appearing when the tab is removed to empty the can. The present invention comprises first and second members having a hinge at one end for connecting the members in a hinged fashion. One of the members comprises a protrusion arranged for engaging the can bottom, preferably by protruding into the recessed bottom of the can. The other member comprises a pour hole protrusion for engaging the top of the can by protruding into the pour hole. The two protrusions are positioned on the respective members so that the can may be retained between the two members as the can is axially crushed by moving the unhinged ends of the members toward one another.

Grape crusher

A grape crusher and de-stemmer comprising a drum (5) having a spiral rotor blade (8) eccentrically mounted in the drum to have a greater clearance at the top and at the bottom. The drum is perforated with perforations (1819) and means are provided for rotating the rotor at high speed to remove the berries from the stalks and to split the berries so that the juice may be extracted.

Inertia cone crusher

An inertia cone crusher having a shell installed via elastic shock-absorbers on a base is provided with a crushing bowl, and a breaking head having a shaft mounted on a spherical support. An out-of-balance unit formed as a bearing bush is provided with an out-of-balance weight and a carrier disc and is installed on the shaft of the breaking head. A rod for mounting the out-of-balance unit on the breaking head has its lower end installed on the bearing bush. The upper end of the rod is installed in a bore of the shaft shank with a mounting clearance with respect to the rod end face and the out-of-balance unit is liftable and fixable in its upper position.

Mobile crusher vehicle

A mobile vehicle for crushing scrap metal, especially for flattening car body shells, has a crusher jaw mechanism (11) carried ahead of a generally conventional vehicle body (12). The jaw includes a press plate (55) above a platform (31). The car body shell (90) is loaded on to the platform by advancing the vehicle towards the body shell and driving the platform under the shell, and is then crushed between the press plate and the platform. The jaw mechanism may be carried on an arm or arms (13) which can be raised and lowered. Side plates (32) and a rear gate (80) may be provided on the crusher jaw mechanism to contain light scrap. The jaws may be tiltable, and may be provided with front fork tines (71) to act as an entry ramp and for manipulating the body shells before and after flattening.

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Jaw-type rock crusher with toggle plate tension bar

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