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Cone crusher

A gyrating cone-shaped head cooperates with a stationary bowl support to crush rock or the like admitted into the crusher. The gyrating action of the head is accomplished by an off-set shaft arrangement for the head driven by a rotatable eccentric member. Input drive for the crusher rotatably operates the eccentric member through an independent coupler for improved gear alignment, operation and maintenance. The head has gyrating support on a dished bearing surface of the main frame, and hydrostatic pressure is admitted between the head and the frame support to minimize wear. Also, a fluid lift is provided for portions of the drive apparatus to support such parts and eliminate thrust loading caused by the weight of such parts on a radial roller bearing, thereby prolonging the useful life of the bearing. An improved seal is provided between the head and the main frame and is of a structure to remain intact and to operate effectively under all normal operating conditions of the crusher. Fluid operated apparatus is used to provide a pressure hold-down for the bowl and also fluid operated apparatus is provided for adjusting the bowl rotatably and for locking the bowl securely.

Rotor of a coarse-reduction impact crusher

A rotor for a coarse reduction impact crusher with exchangeable blow bars including a rotor disk to be driven in rotation with a plurality of radially facing recesses in the periphery and the bars locked in the recesses between a supporting element welded in the recess on the trailing side thereof and a shoe being U-shaped and locked over a projection on the rotor disk with a pair of clamping keys securing the shoe with one of the keys being U-shaped, and the keys being removable axially, and the blow bar having forwardly and rearwardly extending teeth with inclined outwardly facing surfaces to lock beneath corresponding surfaces on the supporting element.

Article crusher

An article crusher comprised of a base plate support having an upstanding member supporting a pivoted lever with a platen carried thereon adapted to be moved within a cylinder mounted on the support plate to crush an article or the like positioned therein, with said cylinder being shaped to facilitate the insertion and removal of the article.

Lifter for rock crusher lid

Lifter for remotely removing the lid from a rock crusher is comprised of cylindrical support and lifting arms integrally joined normally to one another, and a tubular sleeve bearing which is attached generally vertically to the outer wall of the crusher shell a spaced distance therefrom, and which is configured for slideably and rotatably journaling the lifting arm. The support arm is attached to the lid thereby causing the lid to be lifted and rotated away from the crusher shell to expose the operative elements of the crusher upon respective lifting and rotation of the lifting arm. A hydraulically actuated piston cylinder mounted to the crusher frame below the lower end of the sleeve bearing, in a manner for insertion of its ram therein, is interconnected to the lifting arm through a thrust bearing for raising and lowering of the lifting arm and allowing its rotation in the sleeve bearing.

Invertible center feed disk for a vertical shaft impact crusher
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Jaw-type rock crusher with toggle plate tension bar

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