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Rock crusher

An impact type rock crusher having a rotor comprised of a plurality of stirrup type hammers adapted to swing through arcs of approximately between bumper blocks about pivot axes as well as rotating about the main shaft of the rotor. The grate positioned beneath the rotor through which the crushed material exits may be moved uniformly radially with regard to the rotor to an alternate grate position to vary the clearance between the hammers and the top surface of the grate. The overall design of the system reduces the height of the apparatus, and the apparatus may be made portable for movement from one location to another.

Crusher clearing system

This is concerned with a crusher clearing system using a plurality of hydraulic jacks disposed with relation to the adjustment ring and main frame of the crusher such that the jacks, as a unit, apply a generally vertical thrust directly between the upper main frame flange and the adjustment ring so that uncrushable material may be removed from the crushing cavity in a stalled or jammed crusher. The jacks are arranged in pairs and the jacks are selectively energized so that the adjustment ring will tilt relative the main frame flange.

Means for holding dies in a jaw crusher

A securing means for supporting a stationary die plate in a jaw crusher including the combination of angular cored pockets located in the vertical side walls of the stationary die plate and a plurality of lever-like angular wedges which are receivable in the pockets in such a manner that the stationary die plate can be forced against a supporting wall. The lever-like wedges are pivotably mounted against side walls of the jaw crusher and are bolted to the side walls in such a manner that tightening of the bolts causes the ends of the wedges which are received in the angular pockets of the die plates to apply compressive forces against the die plate forcing the die plate against the supporting wall.

Double-acting can crusher

A double-acting can crusher comprising a frame, a shaft rotatably mounted in the frame, a substantially cylindrical sheath extending horizontally above the shaft in parallel relation thereto, a pair of spaced cylindrical crushing blocks mounted at the horizontal ends of the sheath, a substantially rectangular upper opening extending along the top portion of the sheath and being sufficiently wide to permit the passage of uncrushed cans into the sheath, a lower opening in the sheath extending longitudinally below the upper opening, the lower opening being sufficiently wide at the ends thereof to permit the passage of crushed cans therethrough but being sufficiently narrow in the central or major portion thereof to prevent the passage of uncrushed cans therethrough, a collar mounted on the shaft for movement back and forth along the shaft, an endless reverse helical groove on the shaft, a pin freely received in a hole in the collar and disposed at right angles to the shaft, an arcuate tongue on the pin received within the helical groove, a two-sided cylindrical ram mounted for to and fro horizontal movement within the sheath towards and away from each of the blocks, the ram being connected to the collar, a motor for rotating the shaft whereby the collar will move back and forth along the shaft in response to the rotary motion thereof, thereby moving the ram alternately towards and away from each of the blocks, and a hopper mounted on the frame disposed above the sheath for directing cans to be crushed into the upper rectangular opening in the sheath.

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Jaw-type rock crusher with toggle plate tension bar

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