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Jaw-type rock crusher with toggle plate tension bar

A jaw crusher where the tension rod includes an electronically-controlled hydraulic pre-load and an automatically releasable pre-load whenever adjustments to the size of the material output are made, together with a remote visual indicator of the setting of the size of the material output.

Seed crusher

A seed crusher e.g. useful in methods for high throughput analysis of seeds, comprises a horizontal well plate with at least one well for receiving a tube; an open-topped tube for lining each well wherein each tube is oriented for receiving a vertical reciprocating pin; a horizontal die plate with a vertical pin located to reciprocate in each tube; a removable separator for use in each tube to separate a reciprocating pin from a seed at the bottom of said tube and a press for bringing together the die plate and well plate to allow a pin to enter each tube.

Rotor for a crusher

A rotor for a vertical shaft impact crusher includes a vertical wall segment having a first wall portion which is tangential to the rotor and is located adjacent to the periphery of the rotor, and a second wall portion, which is angled in relation to the first wall portion and extends from the first wall portion into the rotor. The second wall portion includes a first section, which extends from the interior of the rotor towards its periphery and forms and obtuse first angle with the first wall portion, and a second section, which connects the first section and the first wall portion. The second section and the first wall portion form a second angle, which is smaller than the first angle, and at least one pocket for retaining material.

Cone crusher for ore comminution

A cone crusher mantle armor for ore comminution, comprising: a. grooves laid out in the form of spires or helixes over the mantle, where such grooves are integral to said mantle thus forming the mantle armor, and b. such grooves and said mantle are manufactured in a single casting.

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Jaw-type rock crusher with toggle plate tension bar
Jaw-type rock crusher with toggle plate tension bar

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