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Invertible center feed disk for a vertical shaft impact crusher

An impact crusher includes a center feed disk. The center feed disk includes a peripheral edge portion, a first face, an opposing, second face, a central bore extending through the first and second faces, and first and second countersunk pockets provided about the central bore in the first and second faces respectively. With this arrangement, a fastener having a shaft portion and a head portion can be inserted through the central bore to secure the center feed disk to a drive mechanism, with the head portion residing in the countersunk pocket. With this arrangement, once the first face portion becomes worn, the center feed disk can be removed, inverted and re-mounted such that the second face portion is exposed.

Pill crusher pouch and method of using same

A pill crusher pouch, dimensioned to be received between a platen and anvil of a pill crusher wherein the anvil is integrally fixed to a base and wherein the platen is coupled to said base through a moveable handle, is constructed a seamless tube of flexible material having an open top and a closed bottom, wherein the closed bottom is formed a cup like seal that provides the pouch with a comerless interior that facilitates easy pouring of pulverized material from the interior of the pouch.

Gyratory crusher with hydrostatic bearings

It has been said that the wheel is the greatest invention of all time; when horses or oxen pulled wagons, dirt roads or no roads sufficed, but the wheels of modern transportation require paved roads for cars and trucks, concrete air strips for airplanes, ballast for railroads, concrete for dams, buildings, and many other things. Rock is the material that answers all these needs, but rock must be crushed to usable sizes. Big boulders or quarried rock are crushed by primary stage jaw or very large gyratory crushers that reduces the rock to sizes that second stage crushers can accept, and if the rock needs to be very small a third stage is used. Cone crushers are the crushers of choice for second and often for third stage crushing which is the type crusher of this patent application.

Multi-roller crusher

The invention relates to a multi-roller crusher for the comminuting of mineral mill-feed, whereby the crushing roll are provided with crushing teeth, extending in the circumferential and longitudinal axial directions. Viewed in plan, the crushing teeth are arranged on each crushing roller such that several serial crushing teeth groups are formed behind each other, the imagined connection lines of which run successively at an inclined angle to the plan (1',2') of each crushing roller outer edge in the direction of the crushing roller centre.


Invertible center feed disk for a vertical shaft impact crusher
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Jaw-type rock crusher with toggle plate tension bar

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