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Desiccant device and humidity measuring means

An apparatus is disclosed for an improved air conditioning system for admitting air from an exterior space, adjusting the temperature and humidity of the exterior air and delivering the adjusted air to an interior space of a structure. To compare the energy levels of these two air streams an improved device brings both air streams to the same temperature, so just the relative humidity has to be measured to know which of these two air streams has the higher or the lower energy level. Using the device in a control system for a desiccant wheel, at least two temperature sensors are eliminateable.

Desiccation using polymer-bound desiccant beads

Polymer-bound adsorbent beads are usable as a direct replacement for conventional clay-bound beads in insulating glass unit manufacture to eliminate the problem of dusting associated with conventional beads. Polymer-bound beads provide good adsorption and superior crush strength compared to clay-bound adsorbent beads previously used in insulating glass units to desiccate the space between the glass panes. The polymer-bound adsorbent beads may also be used as a substitute for conventional desiccant beads in water adsorption applications such as in bottle stoppers, sachets, blister packaging, etc.

Desiccant substrate package

A method for protecting substrates used in the manufacture of semiconductors, memory products, and other electronic devices from the effects of moisture during transport and storage is disclosed. This method involves the use of a cassette or box made from polycarbonate or another material having similar hydroscopic properties, treating the cassette or box to reduce its moisture content, and surrounding the cassette or box, and the substrates held therein, with a moisture barrier. This results in a package which will keep the substrates dry and eliminates the need for a separate desiccant within the package.

Method of drying a gas making use of a distillation of a liquid desiccant agent

A method of drying a gas making use of the distillation of a liquid desiccant, the method comprising the introduction of a stream of make-up liquid containing water and of an organic solvent miscible with water, the solvent being a more volatile solvent than water under the conditions of the method and forming no azeotropes with water, in an intermediate zone of an elongated vertical contact and fractional distillation zone.

Heater device for desiccant rotor dehumidifier
Desiccant bag with integrated filter and method of making same
Desiccant device and humidity measuring means
Process for the regeneration of a desiccant
Regenerative desiccant bundle
Desiccant dehumidification system
Desiccant structures for OLED displays

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