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Process for the regeneration of a desiccant

For the regeneration of a liquid desiccant, a stripping agent is used which is liquid at ambient temperature and pressure, and forms a heteroazeotrope with water, along with the following steps: (a) distillation of the water-laden liquid desiccant to form vapor and partially regenerated liquid desiccant; (b) reboil partially regenerated liquid desiccant; (c) stripping of partially regenerated liquid desiccant during (a) and (b), using vaporized stripping agent; (d) a condensing of vapor the exiting the distillation, the condensation producing two liquid phases, one mainly water and the other mainly stripping agent; (e) heating the stripping agent-rich liquid phase exiting step (d) to generate a vapor phase which is richer in water than said liquid phase and a water-depleted liquid phase; and (f) returning the vaporized liquid phase exiting step (e) to step (c).

Desiccant-coated substrate and method of manufacture

Desiccant-coated substrates, regeneratable rotary dehumidification wheels and other devices for gas (e.g., air) treatment using those substrates, and processes for making them are disclosed. The substrates may have coatings in thicknesses of from about 2 to about 10 mils containing particles of one or more adsorbent desiccants and an organic water-based binder. The desiccant particles retain a high fraction of their original adsorption capacity because the pores of the desiccant particles contain a pore-clearing agent prior to the binder setting and the pore-clearing agent leaves the pores during the manufacturing process to prevent the binder from blocking the pores. In preferred embodiments a mixture of different desiccants is used and a particle suspending agent keeps the particles well-mixed so that the desiccant particles in the coated substrate will be as well-mixed as possible. The suspending agent may also function as the pore-clearing agent. A pH-adjusting agent may be used to control the pH of the coating if the binder or another constituent of the coating is pH-sensitive.

Hi-performance desiccant tower

The invention resides in a process air dryer system for plastics processing machines and method for drying process air comprising two desiccant towers repeatedly alternating between process and regeneration cycles. In addition to conventional bottom heaters, each tower has an additional generally central heater so as to reduce the time required to regenerate saturated desiccant. When a tower is undergoing regeneration of its desiccant, generally centrally heaters aid conventional bottom heaters in drying saturated desiccant so as to reduce conventional regeneration cycle time by as much as 25% to 30%.

Hybrid heat pump and desiccant space conditioning system and control method

An energy-efficient space conditioning system comprising an integrated direct expansion heat pump with desiccant and thermal exchange wheels. A method is disclosed for controlling the system to have four distinct modes of operation: Heating, Cooling/Regneration, Coil Defrost, and Regeneration.

Heater device for desiccant rotor dehumidifier
Desiccant bag with integrated filter and method of making same
Desiccant device and humidity measuring means
Process for the regeneration of a desiccant
Regenerative desiccant bundle
Desiccant dehumidification system
Desiccant structures for OLED displays

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