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Regenerative desiccant bundle

A desiccant bundle is disclosed herein having front and back sheets of porous fabric material joined about edge marginal regions and across the middle to define a plurality of sealed compartments. A multiplicity of multiple surface desiccant granules are situated in each compartment for absorbing moisture in the fabric material or passing through it. Hangers are provided for detachably securing the desiccant bundle to supporting structure in a humid or wet environment.

Racket handle and desiccant dispenser

A racket handle and dispenser is set forth wherein a magazine is contained within an uppermost portion of the handle for containment of a desiccant powder wherein a spring-biased first plunger adjacent the magazine dispenses a portion of desiccant powder about an uppermost portion of the handle wherein an aligned underlying second chamber utilizes a second spring-biased plunger and associated valve to dispense desiccant powder selectively to a lowermost portion of the handle.

Desiccant assisted air conditioner

A desiccant assisted air conditioning system for delivering dehumidified refrigerated supply air into a conditioned space and with return therefrom divided between recirculation air and exhaust-relief air employed to remove heat resulting from dehumification and employing waste heat from refrigeration for desiccant regeneration.

Desiccant heat device

A rotary regenerative heat wheel having a heat exchange matrix comprised of a spirally wound strip of plastic having a coating of dry desiccant affixed thereto. The quantity of desiccant affixed to the strip is selected so that the sensible and latent heat transfer efficiencies of the wheel are relatively high and approximately equal. An apparatus and method are disclosed for applying a desiccant coating to a sheet of plastic.

Heater device for desiccant rotor dehumidifier
Desiccant bag with integrated filter and method of making same
Desiccant device and humidity measuring means
Process for the regeneration of a desiccant
Regenerative desiccant bundle
Desiccant dehumidification system
Desiccant structures for OLED displays

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