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Liquid desiccant air conditioner

A liquid desiccant air conditioner includes an absorption air conditioner and a liquid desiccant dehumidifier. The dehumidifier includes a liquid desiccant absorber for absorbing moisture contained in ambient air entering the dehumidifier, a boiler for boiling partially preheated dilute liquid desiccant to evaporate moisture to reconstitute the liquid desiccant into concentrated liquid desiccant, a first heat exchanger operable to transfer heat from the concentrated liquid desiccant to dilute liquid desiccant received from the desiccant absorber so as to raise the temperature of the dilute liquid desiccant to a first temperature, a condenser operative to receive partially heated dilute liquid desiccant from the first heat exchanger and receive steam generated by the boiler so as to sensibly heat the dilute liquid desiccant to a second temperature, and a second heat exchanger operable to transfer heat from concentrated liquid desiccant to the dilute liquid desiccant received from the condenser so as raise the temperature of the dilute liquid desiccant to a third temperature. The dilute liquid desiccant at the third temperature is directed to the boiler and the concentrated liquid desiccant from the second heat exchanger is directed to the first heat exchanger. A pump draws concentrated liquid desiccant from the boiler into the absorber. Steam from the boiler is also used to regenerate the refrigerant in the absorption air conditioner.

Desiccant feeder system and apparatus

A desiccant feeder system comprising, a reservoir for desiccant canisters, means for delivering the canisters through a transfer tube to at a loading station, means for presenting the open end of containers one at a time at the loading station, means for circulating air at high velocity through the tubing including an adjustable internal ring-shaped nozzle to deliver desiccant canisters from the reservoir to the loading station, and a shuttle selectively actuatable to discharge at least one desiccant cannister to the containers at the loading station.

Biological sampling and storage container utilizing a desiccant

The invention provides a biological sampling and storage container which is easy and sanitary to use, may be shipped through regular mail, and includes a drying material or desiccant for drying feces samples that are stored therein. The sampling and storage container consists of a body having a sampling chamber and a drying chamber which are in gaseous communication with each other. Preferably, a sampling wand is frictionally retained in the sampling chamber and the drying material is disposed in the drying chamber.

Desiccant barrier container

A container for containing moisture sensitive items has at least one wall having a desiccating agent wherein the desiccating agent absorbs moisture so as to inhibit such moisture from contacting moisture sensitive items contained within the bag. The wall preferably has a durable outer layer, a moisture barrier intermediate layer, and a desiccant containing inner layer. The desiccant containing inner layer preferably comprises microporous polyolefin impregnated with silica.

Heater device for desiccant rotor dehumidifier
Desiccant bag with integrated filter and method of making same
Desiccant device and humidity measuring means
Process for the regeneration of a desiccant
Regenerative desiccant bundle
Desiccant dehumidification system
Desiccant structures for OLED displays

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