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Digital camera capable of directly accessing images recorded on another digital camera

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Digital camera and method for classifying and reproducing images
Digital camera having a display device with a cover
Lens unit structure for SLR digital camera
Automatic white-balance correction for digital camera
Digital camera and method of enhancing zoom effects
Digital camera and external device for image storage and camera control
Battery control for digital camera and integral printer

PAT. NO. Title
7,193,646 Digital camera and method for classifying and reproducing images
7,187,412 Pointing device for digital camera display
7,187,408 Digital camera
7,184,077 Digital camera
7,181,061 Digital camera for taking a stereoscopic pair of images
7,176,976 Autoexposure methodology in a digital camera
7,173,663 Automatic exposure control system for a digital camera
7,173,654 Digital camera having color adjustment capability
7,171,113 Digital camera for capturing images and selecting metadata to be associated with the captured images
7,170,558 Compact and low-profile digital camera
7,167,206 Cradle for information apparatus, cradle for digital camera and camera system
7,167,203 Digital camera having controller for reducing occurrences of blur in displayed images
7,164,442 Image control device with information-based image correcting capability, image control method and digital camera
7,158,183 Digital camera
7,158,175 System including a digital camera and a docking unit for coupling to the internet
7,158,172 Digital camera with an automatic image transmission function
7,158,171 Digital camera image data processing storage and printing system
7,154,543 Digital camera and method of changing data processing sequence used for the same
7,154,536 Digital camera with a personal identification
7,084,913 Processing method of image compensation for digital camera
7,075,568 Digital camera, system, and method for capturing and storing an image, and using an event signal to indicate a change in the content stored in a memory
7,071,988 Extensive device for use with digital camera's display to be displayed in the same direction as the lens
7,071,987 Digital camera having automatic exposure control for different photographing modes
7,068,307 Digital camera for capturing and recording a moving image
7,064,789 Digital camera having a tilting/swinging mechanism

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