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Digital camera and method for classifying and reproducing images
Digital camera having a display device with a cover
Lens unit structure for SLR digital camera
Automatic white-balance correction for digital camera
Digital camera and method of enhancing zoom effects
Digital camera and external device for image storage and camera control
Battery control for digital camera and integral printer

PAT. NO. Title
51 7,062,576 Digital camera having imaging portion, first terminal, and second terminal for outputting signals based on image data in accordance with same data communication interface standard
52 7,057,660 Digital camera having a display device with a cover
53 7,057,658 Digital camera capable of forming a smaller motion image frame
54 7,057,651 Digital camera having an electronic zoom function
55 7,050,625 Method and digital camera for indicating when image data has been captured for a three-dimensional target object
56 7,046,927 Interactive virtual reality photo gallery in a digital camera
57 7,046,275 Digital camera and imaging method
58 7,046,274 Digital camera and method of recycling digital camera
59 7,043,284 Integrated cellular phone, digital camera, and PDA, with swivel mechanism providing access to the interface elements of each function
60 7,042,507 Digital camera, pixel data read-out control apparatus and method, blur-detection apparatus and method
61 7,042,499 Digital camera including power supply controller responsive to connection detection
62 7,038,714 Printing system and method having a digital printer that uses a digital camera image display
63 7,034,877 Digital camera LCD screen protector accessory
64 7,034,867 Digital camera
65 7,031,083 Digital camera module with anti-fouling lens adhesion
66 7,030,923 Digital camera having overlapped exposure
67 7,027,171 Digital camera and document photographing and transmitting method of the same
68 7,023,467 Photocard that is inserted into a non-digital camera to enable the non-digital camera to take digital photographic images
69 7,019,781 Digital camera in which the processing method is changed according to focus position before the shutter is released
70 7,019,778 Customizing a digital camera
71 7,019,772 Method and system for enabling the use of single use reloadable digital camera
72 7,016,520 Electronic device with digital camera for general-purpose photography and fingerprint sensing
73 6,999,802 Portable communication apparatus with digital camera and personal digital assistant
74 6,995,857 System and method for routing service requests from a paired digital camera and transceiver module
75 6,992,716 Digital camera with interchangeable displays
76 6,992,711 Digital camera with a plurality of media for recording captured images
77 6,992,701 Reusable digital camera that prevents unauthorized use
78 6,982,750 Digital camera with power supply for piezoelectric element and stroboscope circuit
79 6,977,683 Digital camera
80 6,970,265 Digital image processing device and digital camera using this device
81 6,970,200 System and method for a simplified digital camera interface for viewing images and controlling camera operation
82 6,970,199 Digital camera using exposure information acquired from a scene
83 6,970,198 Digital camera and method of improving image quality in live view mode
84 6,967,675 Digital camera with image file transmission
85 6,963,374 Method for live view display and digital camera using same
86 6,963,368 Digital camera and image capturing control apparatus including a delay device
87 6,963,363 Digital camera capable of embedding an electronic watermark into image data
88 6,963,358 Wireless digital camera adapter and systems and methods related thereto and for use with such an adapter
89 6,961,091 Digital camera with light adjusting control of flash
90 6,958,779 Digital camera
91 6,956,604 Apparatus and method for determining image correction values for printing an image acquired with a digital camera and device for printing an image on printing material
92 6,954,226 Method of detecting an object's motion by a digital camera
93 6,952,232 Digital camera having a viewfinder with adjustable length
94 6,952,229 Digital camera having input devices and a display capable of displaying a plurality of set information items
95 6,950,142 Cradle for digital camera
96 6,950,129 One-time-use digital camera
97 6,944,700 Method and system for transferring data between a digital camera and a host
98 6,937,276 Digital camera with low memory usage
99 6,937,275 Contact sheet file-generating digital camera
100 6,930,726 Digital camera with mode selecting device capable of displaying camera condition

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