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Digital camera and method for classifying and reproducing images
Digital camera having a display device with a cover
Lens unit structure for SLR digital camera
Automatic white-balance correction for digital camera
Digital camera and method of enhancing zoom effects
Digital camera and external device for image storage and camera control
Battery control for digital camera and integral printer

PAT. NO. Title
101 6,930,719 Lens unit structure for SLR digital camera
102 6,930,707 Digital camera apparatus with biometric capability
103 6,927,799 Auto-strobe apparatus and method for digital camera
104 6,927,794 Digital camera provided with a plurality of mounting portions to each of which a recording medium is mounted
105 6,927,790 Digital camera system providing for control of a camera's operational parameters and image capture
106 6,924,837 Digital camera with attitude and shake detection
107 6,922,488 Method and system for providing application launch by identifying a user via a digital camera, utilizing an edge detection algorithm
108 6,914,635 Microminiature zoom system for digital camera
109 6,914,634 Digital camera
110 6,910,814 Digital camera system
111 6,910,176 Method for communicating data between digital camera and portable electronic communication device
112 6,903,776 Digital camera
113 6,903,770 Digital camera which produces a single image based on two exposures
114 6,903,767 Method and apparatus for initiating data capture in a digital camera by text recognition
115 6,903,762 Customizing a digital camera for a plurality of users
116 6,900,840 Digital camera and method of using same to view image in live view mode
117 6,897,895 Digital camera
118 6,897,891 Computer system using a digital camera that is capable of inputting moving picture or still picture data
119 6,886,056 Digital image storage system and digital camera system
120 6,885,395 Selectively adjusting the resolution levels or the quality levels of digital images stored in a digital camera memory
121 6,885,392 Perspective correction for preview area of panoramic digital camera
122 6,879,346 Digital camera with spindle capable of positioning
123 6,879,341 Digital camera system containing a VLIW vector processor
124 6,876,383 Digital camera with moveable high resolution sensor array
125 6,873,357 Digital camera having a position sensor
126 6,856,425 Image processing system, digital camera, and printing apparatus
127 6,856,345 Digital camera having a printing function in which a movable camera part is moved from an in-use position to an out-of-use position during printing
128 6,856,329 Automated acquisition of video textures acquired from a digital camera for mapping to audio-driven deformable objects
129 6,853,403 Digital camera having a self-timer shooting function
130 6,853,401 Digital camera having specifiable tracking focusing point
131 6,850,273 Digital camera recording image frame and printing information files on a recording medium
132 6,839,087 Exposure controller of a digital camera
133 6,833,863 Method and apparatus for still image capture during video streaming operations of a tethered digital camera
134 6,831,687 Digital camera and image signal processing apparatus
135 6,829,624 Data processing method for digital camera
136 6,825,876 Digital camera device with methodology for efficient color conversion
137 6,822,802 Terrestrial telescope with digital camera
138 6,822,678 Digital camera, digital camera control apparatus, digital camera system, digital camera control method, and medium
139 6,819,362 Disposition device for auto-detecting the holding condition of a digital camera
140 6,816,283 Digital camera having a battery level check
141 6,812,995 Digital camera and document processing system using the digital camera
142 6,812,969 Digital camera
143 6,812,967 Digital camera having multiple displays
144 6,812,958 Storable digital camera associated with a computer system
145 6,811,492 Video game machine using digital camera and digital camera accessory for video game machine
146 6,809,772 Shutterless digital camera and method of using same
147 6,809,770 Imaging device and a digital camera having same
148 6,806,905 Digital camera
149 6,804,119 Method and edge connector providing electrostatic discharge arrest features and digital camera employing same
150 6,801,251 Digital camera, and image synthesizer and method of controlling the same

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