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Digital camera and method for classifying and reproducing images
Digital camera having a display device with a cover
Lens unit structure for SLR digital camera
Automatic white-balance correction for digital camera
Digital camera and method of enhancing zoom effects
Digital camera and external device for image storage and camera control
Battery control for digital camera and integral printer

PAT. NO. Title
151 6,798,449 Automatic white-balance correction for digital camera
152 6,795,110 Weatherproof and watertight digital electronic camera, including a solid or fluid-filled digital camera operating at great depths
153 6,791,608 Digital camera and dirt position detecting method for digital camera
154 6,784,941 Digital camera with video input
155 6,784,925 System to manage digital camera images
156 6,781,629 Digital camera and image reproducing apparatus and method
157 6,774,935 Digital camera
158 6,771,308 Digital camera having blur detection
159 6,771,304 Perspective correction device for panoramic digital camera
160 6,765,612 Method and system for naming images captured by a digital camera
161 6,753,917 Digital camera with changeable processing depending on display device
162 6,750,915 Digital camera having battery life determiner
163 6,750,911 Imaging apparatus and digital camera
164 6,747,690 Digital camera with integrated accelerometers
165 6,744,465 Digital camera with nonvolatile memory for storing image management data
166 6,741,280 Digital camera having reproduction zoom mode
167 6,741,279 System and method for capturing document orientation information with a digital camera
168 6,734,915 Cradle-installation type digital camera, control method therefor and cradle-installation type digital camera system
169 6,734,895 Digital camera and recording medium
170 6,727,953 Digital camera including printer for printing on an authenticated receiver
171 6,727,947 Digital camera
172 6,727,941 Universal digital camera controller with automatic iris tuning
173 6,724,424 Digital camera capable of printing instantly after photographing
174 6,724,416 Image transceiving telephone with integrated digital camera
175 6,721,002 Method for recording image data and digital camera using same adapted to composite a plurality of image data and record the composite image data into a memory
176 6,721,001 Digital camera with voice recognition annotation
177 6,717,565 Illuminating apparatus for a liquid crystal monitor and a digital camera having a liquid crystal monitor utilizing an illuminating apparatus thereof
178 6,715,003 Digital camera and method for communicating digital image and at least one address image stored in the camera to a remotely located service provider
179 6,714,249 Producing panoramic digital images by digital camera systems
180 6,712,530 Digital camera back holding
181 6,710,950 Piezoelectric actuator for digital camera optical system
182 6,710,805 Simplified user interface for digital camera
183 6,707,490 Digital camera, camera main body and method for processing signal
184 6,704,500 Control of light emission from flash lamp externally attached to digital camera
185 6,704,053 Digital camera
186 6,700,621 Digital camera with pivotable cover
187 6,693,673 Digital camera for adjusting charge accumulation time in response to object distance
188 6,693,667 Digital camera with optical viewfinder and method of using same to visualize optical and digital zoom effects
189 6,690,049 Solid-state image sensor, production method of the same, and digital camera
190 6,687,460 Focusing hood for use on a digital camera
191 6,686,954 Apparatus and method for correction of a deviation of digital camera
192 6,683,650 Digital camera
193 6,683,642 Digital camera using separate buses for transferring DMA processed data and CPU processed data
194 6,674,472 Digital camera and method which displays a page number of a displayed page
195 6,671,389 Method and system for detecting digital camera failure
196 6,670,982 Wireless digital camera media
197 6,661,462 Digital camera selectively powered by an internal and an external power supply
198 6,661,454 Digital camera with memory card fullness icon
199 6,661,452 Digital camera capable of decreasing a required memory capacity
200 6,657,660 System for storing and utilizing picture image data recorded by digital camera

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