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Disposable syringe

A disposable syringe has a needle seat with an upper segment adapted to be sleeved over by a needle unit, and a lower segment retained in a passage of a barrel. A plunger has a stem portion movable in the passage, a surrounding engaging portion in sealing contact with the passage so as to be moved by the stem portion of the plunger in a position of use, and a head which is moved towards and is held by a grip segment in the needle seat when the surrounding engaging portion is depressed by an edge portion of the needle seat by virtue of a continuing depression force of the plunger, thereby permitting the needle seat to be brought into the passage for safe disposal.

Disposable syringe device auxiliary unit for preventing iatrogenic infection through needle

A disposable syringe device auxiliary unit of the present invention for preventing iatrogenic infection through a needle includes a cap holding section for disposing and holding therein a cap which covers, when a medical treatment is performed, a needle positioned at the extreme end of a syringe barrel constituting a disposable syringe device; and a needle separating section for separating the needle, which is covered with the cap and fitted on an end of the syringe barrel, therefrom.

Disposable syringe

A disposable syringe includes a tubular barrier member retained in a rear passageway of a barrel. A tubular needle seat for fixing a needle cannula is retained on the barrier member, and abuts against an abutment wall in the front passageway of the barrel while the needle cannula is disposed outwardly of the barrel. A plunger is slidable in the rear passageway, and has a seal member to seal a cavity confined in a plunger body and containing a fluid at a reduced pressure. When a pushing force applied to the plunger body moves the barrier member against the first and second frictional forces, the needle seat is released, and the seal member is ruptured, so that the needle seat and the needle cannula are suctioned into the cavity due to the pressure difference between the ambient atmosphere and the reduced pressure.

Disposable syringe

A disposable syringe comprises a syringe body (1), a plunger (40) mounted on a stem (50) slidable inside the syringe body (1), and an injection needle (10) integral with a needle-carrier (11) engageable with the fore end (2) of the syringe body (1) or the plunger, retaining means (20 23 24) able to retain spring means (30) under compression being provided integrally with the syringe body (1) and engagement means (59) able to cooperate with the retaining means (23) to release the spring means (30), when the plunger (40) has reached the end of its stroke, being provided integrally with said stem (50), so that the spring means (30) can act on the stem (50) to cause retraction thereof into the retracted position.

Disposable syringe with a retractable needle
Disposable syringe device auxiliary unit for preventing iatrogenic infection through needle

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