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Structure of electric heater

An electric heater is described. The heater is composed of a plastic or a rubber strip conductor with a heat resistant and electric conductive chemical dispersed therethrough and electric conductors disposed on either side of the strip conductor so that when the electric conductors are coupled to a source of electrical energy current will flow through the strip and generate heat. The strip conductor then is covered with a polyethylene layer which is adhered thereto, and the polyethylene layer in turn is covered by a PVC layer.

Electric heater employing semiconductor heating elements

An electric heater employs plate-shaped heating elements, each consisting of a core of semiconductor material whose opposing faces are coated with conductive material and having a multiplicity of apertures to permit passage of air. The heater includes a housing with a rear air inlet and a forward air outlet. A fan having a fan venturi causes air flows forwardly through the housing. A two-piece, ceramic holder maintains a number of the plate-shaped heating elements in generally coplanar, spaced-apart relationship, in front of a forward venturi opening. The holder has a large recess positioned over the forward venturi opening which receives substantially all air flow from the venturi, and a number of passages, one associated with each heating element, which direct air from the recess through the cores towards the forward air outlet. Each of the passages flares radially outwardly and rearwardly from the rear face of the associated heating element, and opens into the recess and the recess flares radially outwardly and rearwardly from about the passage openings to the forward venturi opening. The arrangement results in improved heat transfer and much quieter operation than would otherwise be achieved. To accommodate thermal expansion and contraction of the heating elements, the two pieces of the holder are clamped together by spring-loaded bolts which permit the spacing between the holder members to vary, while still securing the heating elements.

Coil support insulator for an electric heater

An electric heater incorporating simple support structure therefor. A frame is insulated from an electric resistance heater coil by insulator supports mounted within beam members of the frame. The supports incorporate structural features enabling the use of simplified supporting beams. The support insulators include additional structural features for retaining the resistance wire in place and for simplified engagement therewith. The insulators may project on both sides of the support beams and retain heater wires in two planes. The support insulators further provide an integrated structure easily fabricated and simply assembled to the frame.

Electric heater having an insulator with sloped guide surfaces and notches receiving a heater coil

An insulator for an electric heater employs a central elongated slot and two guide surfaces. Below each guide surface is a notch for receiving an outer convolution of a heater coil, while the central slot terminates in a notch for receiving an intermediate convolution of the heater coil. The slot engages the central convolution of the heater coil before outer convolutions engage the guide surfaces to facilitate installation of the insulator. As the insulator is inserted into the heater coil, the guide surfaces engage the outer convolutions and direct them to respective notches for securely holding the heater coil. The insulator may support a single pass of the heater coil or may be arranged to have these surfaces and notches on opposite ends to support two passes of the heater coil.

Heat conductive tubular electric heater
Base for an electric heater and method of manufacture
Structure of electric heater
Identification of electric heater capacity

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