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Electric heater

The present invention relates to an electric heater, which electrically and mechanically protects heating means from the outside, increases heating value and thermal conductivity by increasing contact efficiency among components, and improves assembly efficiency and productivity. The electric heater includes: a plurality of radiation members, each having a radiation fin and a radiation fin supporting plate surrounding the radiation fin and formed integrally with the radiation fin by brazing; a plurality of flat tubes arranged between the radiation members and having heating means therein for generating heat when electric power is supplied; first and second support frames oppositely arranged at sides of the outermost radiation members for supporting and fixing the radiation members and the flat tubes; and first and second caps for supporting both end portions of the first and second support frames and both end portions of the flat tubes.

Heat conductive tubular electric heater

A heat conductive tubular electric heater is disclosed. In the heater body, a water inlet tube is connected to a heat conductive tube and an electric tube is installed within the heat conductive tube so as to form a water path between a periphery of the electric tube and an interior of the heat conductive tube. When the cool water flows into the water inlet tube entering into the electric heater, the cool water can be heated continuously by the electric tube to increase it's a temperature thereof and is heated. Besides, the heat conductive tube is assembled within a water storage tank of the electric heater for being stored therein for further use. The heater is worthy for industrial uses, because of some advantages thereof, such as heating water fast, high thermal efficiency.

Heat conductive tubular electric heater

An electric heater is provided with an identifying resistor associated with a connection between the heater and a fan control. When the electric heater is connected to the control, the identifying resistor provides information with regard to the capacity of the particular electric heater that is being attached to the control. The control then utilizes this particular capacity to control both the electric heater and an associated fan motor.

Heat conductive tubular electric heater

An electric heater has multiple zones, wherein the multiple zones include at least one zone which is subject to high loading (e.g. bottom zone) and, at least one zone is a non-metal heating element, and the rest of the zones (e.g. middle zone and top zone) are metal resistance heating elements of light gauge overbent.

Heat conductive tubular electric heater
Base for an electric heater and method of manufacture
Structure of electric heater
Identification of electric heater capacity

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