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Control device for fermenter

The present invention allows biomass and/or biomass-produced components to be obtained at high yields by executing numeric simulation of flow to reasonably identify the running conditions suitable for a fermenter. The control device according to the present invention comprises an input means for entering measured data from a measurement means, which measures nutrient components, the concentrations of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and biomass in a culture medium; a computation means for calculating nutrient components uptake rate, oxygen uptake rate and carbon dioxide exhaust rate per unit amount of biomass from the measured data entered at the aforementioned input means, as well as volumetric mass transfer coefficient kLa from turbulent energy k and a turbulent energy dissipation rate e, both of which are calculated by a transport equation, as well as a diffusion coefficient D, followed by calculating the concentrations of the nutrient components, dissolved oxygen, and dissolved carbon dioxide in any area in the fermenter using an algorithm to numerically integrate a differential equation describing variations in medium components over time from the calculated nutrient components uptake rate, the calculated oxygen uptake rate, the calculated carbon dioxide exhaust rate, and the calculated volumetric mass transfer coefficient kLa; and a display means for displaying concentration distributions of the nutrient components, dissolved oxygen, and dissolved carbon dioxide in the fermenter based on the concentrations of the nutrient components, dissolved oxygen, and carbon dioxide in any area of the fermenter calculated at aforementioned computation means.

Anaerobic fermenter

The invention relates to a device for anaerobically fermenting substances comprising a preacidifier inside of which the substances are subjected to a preacidification, a fermenter inside of which the preacidified substances ferment, and transfer means for transferring the substances out of the preacidifier and into the fermenter. The device is characterized in that the transfer means are designed for selectively transferring sufficiently preacidified substances. The invention also relates to a method for anaerobically fermenting substances involving a preacidification during which the substances are preacidified by means of a preacidifier, a fermentation during which the preacidified substances ferment inside a fermenter, and a transferring during which substances are transferred out from the preacidifier and into the fermenter, whereby the sufficiently preacidified substances are selectively transferred.

Solid-state fermenter

The invention relates to a solid-state fermenter for the cultivation of micro-organisms on solid substrates, in particular for large volumes. The field of application of the invention is the microbiological industry. The solid-state fermenter according to the invention comprises one or more air-proof and waterproof fermenter levels arranged on top of one another, connected with the wall of the container in such a way that neither air nor water can flow past laterally, with a culture substrate to be found on the fermenter levels for the micro-organisms to be cultivated, and wherein the cooling of the fermenter material is done by cooling lances rising vertically from the fermenter base and leading through the fermenter levels (4) and a seal (6) is installed between the fermenter levels (4), which is pressed against the inner wall of the fermenter by the mass of the level above it (4).

Solid-state fermenter and method for solid-state fermentation
Control device for fermenter

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