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Solid-state fermenter and method for solid-state fermentation

The invention concerns a solid state fermenter in particular for large volumes as well as a procedure for solid state fermentation. The task of the present invention was the development of a solid state fermenter for large volumes and of a procedure for solid state fermentation, that allows an economic application of the solid state fermentation for little competitive micro-organisms in large fermenters. The solid state fermenter according to the invention is characterized by representing a module fermenter, where at least two module bases, that are permeable for air and water, are arranged on top of each other, which are connected with the wall of the vessel in such a manner, that neither air nor water can pass laterally, the existence of a cultivation substrate for the micro-organisms, which have to be cultivated, on the module bases, a cooling device below every module base and the fermenter being closed with a lid.

Method for evaluating target protein quality from fermenter

A chemiluminescence-based gel assay may be used as an indicator of fermenter health. The assay is performed using a sample of fermentation medium essentially directly from the fermenter (with no need for complicated purification of the sample before performing the assay). Results from the assay may be correlated with the final product purification yield of a given protein/purification protocol system. This may then be used as a predictor of purification yield before actually performing the purification.


The present invention relates to a fermenter consisting of a vat provided internally with a diaphragm designed to retain the gas bubbles produced by fermentation and release them when they have reached a large size. The diaphragm consists of a concave surface underneath which the rising bubbles are temporarily collected and continue to rise as soon as they flow out from the diaphragm full of gas. In this way the small bubbles which rise up combine together to form others which are larger and able to create strong currents which continuously remix the floating marc and in this way make it possible to avoid or, at least greatly limit, solidification of the cap, keeping it constantly fluid.

Fluidized-bed fermenter

A fluidized-bed fermenter is described, which is characterized by an inverted cone-shaped fermentation space (1) with two feed pipes (2 and 3) optionally provided with control valves (4 and 5), of which one (2) is vertically aligned to the cone vertex and the second (3) is nonvertically aligned to the shell of the cone in 0.1 to 0.3 times the height of the fermentation space and a sedimentation space (6) above fermentation space (1), which has one or two drainpipes (7 and 8) optionally provided with control valves (9 and 10).

Solid-state fermenter and method for solid-state fermentation
Control device for fermenter

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