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Filter cloth and method for producing the same

The invention relates to a filter cloth for a filter press and to a method for producing said filter cloth. The inventive filter cloth has a filtration section through which the filtrate reaches a filter element of the filter press, and an edging section which rests against the edge of the filter element. The filtration area is provided with a cloth that differs from that of the edging section. The filtration area is woven from monofil yarns while multifil yarns are woven into the edging section.

Filter cloth connector

A method is provided for fixedly joining a cloth, a cloth-like fabric or a synthetic mesh to a filter plate using a flanged cloth connector ring. The flanged cloth connector ring is attached to the filter cloth around the feed port of the cloth and inserted into a receiving channel in the filter plate. A locking ring or a distribution ring may be inserted into the channel adjacent to the connector ring to retain the connector ring and attached filter cloth in place. Filter cloths may be individually and independently attached to each side of a filter plate using a cloth connector ring.

Filter cloth

The invention relates to a filter cloth intended for a filter which has a variable volume and is based on diaphragm extrusion, particularly for a Larox.RTM.-type vertical pressure filter. The filtering properties of the filter cloth (5) are substantially similar in both directions through the cloth since slurry containing liquid and solids is alternately placed on the different sides of the filter cloth. The filter cloth of the invention comprises a middle layer (15) and protective layers (16a, 16b; 17a, 17b) provided on both outer surfaces of the middle layer. The middle layer can have e.g. a woven structure, and the protective layers may be batt fiber layers attached to the middle layer by needling. According to a preferred embodiment of the invention, the protective layers according to the invention are denser than the middle layer.

Filter cloth and replaceable filter module

A filter cloth whose underside comprises substantially parallel, additional yarns that are thicker than the rest of the yarns of the cloth, substantially parallel channels being formed between the yarns, wherein filtered liquid that passed through the cloth, is allowed to flow in the direction of the surface of a filtering element between the filtering portion of the cloth and the surface of the element. The invention further relates to a filtering module manufactured from the filter cloth of the invention.

Filter cloth and method for producing the same
Arrangement for fastening filter cloth to solid-liquid separator

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