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Capacitative electromagnetic flow meter

The invention consists in a capacitative electromagnetic flow meter in which excitation is performed at a frequency above the commercially available frequency and having a characteristic correction filter that corrects the gain frequency characteristic of the exciting current such that the exciting flux waveform has a flat section. In the detection unit, the value of the electrostatic capacitance between the face electrodes 4A, 4B and guard electrodes 5A, 5B is made smaller than the value of the electrostatic capacitance between the detecting face electrodes 4A, 4B and the fluid to be measured. The exciting coils are fixed to a cylindrical yoke, being electrostatically screened by coil fixing plates. Fixing by an earth ring is performed with this cylindrical yoke and the two ends of the measurement tube being symmetrical with respect to the tube axis and electrode axes. In addition, fixing is effected by filling the entire interior of the detection unit with epoxy resin.

Flow meter

A flow meter comprises an inflow chamber having a first fluid inlet, an outflow chamber housed in the inflow chamber and having a second fluid inlet, which is in fluid communication with the inflow chamber, and a fluid outlet by which fluid can drain from the outflow chamber, and a sensing device having a elongate sensor which is positioned at, or adjacent to and downstream of, the second fluid inlet. The second fluid inlet is of limited dimensions so that, in use, a head of fluid is formed in the inflow chamber and the flow rate of the fluid passing through the second fluid inlet is monitored based on the extent of the elongate sensor which is covered by the fluid.

Positive flow meter

A flow meter and electrically operable valve assembly having integral flow meters provide detection of very low water flows, along with ease of installation and compact packaging for a water supply control system. The flow detection is particularly useful for systems that control household water supplies to prevent flooding, but is also useful in other applications such as agricultural and industrial systems where low water flow rates must be determined. All of the controls and features are integrable within a compact package that occupies essentially the same volume and piping space as a conventional electrically operable valve.

Ultrasonic flow meter

This ultrasonic flow meter is provided for measuring flow volume by determining the flow rate of a liquid from the difference in propagation times of ultrasonic waves in both directions between measuring units by providing measuring units having transducer at an interval in the lengthwise direction on a measuring pipe through which liquid flows. A pair of mounting members are provided in a lower case of a case serving as a base at an interval wider than that of measuring units. The measuring pipe is held by respective retaining indentations to the outside in the axial direction of measuring units by facing a left mounting member and a right mounting member that compose the mounting members. In addition, an insulating material is filled into the case so as to cover the measuring units and the measuring pipe.

Retrievable downhole flow meter
Capacitative electromagnetic flow meter
Ultrasonic flow meter with reduced noise
Coriolis mass flow meter having a thick-walled measuring tube
Detector for an ultrasonic flow meter
Karman vortex flow meter
Coriolis mass flow meter employing non-metallic flow conduit structure
Fluidic volumetric fluid flow meter
Electromagnetic flow meter
Fluid flow meter utilizing pressure sensing
Air flow meter
Fluid flow meter
Liquid flow meter construction
Positive displacement flow meter method and apparatus
Magnetic-inductive flow meter with a measuring tube made of plastic

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