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Liquid flow meter construction

A liquid flow meter comprises a housing having a cylindrical piston chamber and a control chamber. A measuring piston is movable in the piston chamber and a flow control slider is movable in the control chamber and it has respective oppositely directed control surfaces which are made effective, by the flow of liquid between the inlet to the housing and a communication between the measuring piston chamber and the control chamber to move the control slider in a control direction. At each end position of the slider, there is a magnetic holding device for holding the slider until a predetermined control pressure is brought to bear against it to move it in an opposite direction. At each limit of its movement, the piston engages and charges an energy or power storage device operable to accelerate its movement in the opposite direction. The control movements of the slider for regulating the flow between the inlet and the outlet are varied in accordance with the position of the measuring piston.

Rate-of-flow meter, particularly for diagnostic spirometry

A rate-of-flow meter, particularly for diagnostic spirometry, comprises a flow tube containing, on diametrically opposite sides, a measuring stud provided with pressure taps and a displacement body facing the stud.

Linear response flow meter

A fluid flow meter of the variable area flow passage type is provided wherein the variation in said flow passage area is effected by the vertical displacement of a control boundary which is supported by a substantially horizontal annular diaphragm element. Said control boundary is shaped and sized so that the overall displacement required for the flow rate range desired is within the stroke capacity delivered by the total, up and down, free flexing action of said diaphragm element, thereby achieving substantially constant differential pressure operation at a very reasonable value which is due almost entirely to gravity. The resulting unit is very compact and stable and is characterized by very smooth linear response between vertical displacement and fluid flow rate. Said vertical displacement can be measured by various means but is preferably transduced to an equally linear, smooth and steady electrical signal by a direct connection with a specially adapted differential transformer.

Magnetic-inductive flow meter with a measuring tube made of plastic

The present invention relates to a magnetic-inductive flow meter with a measuring tube, which can be fitted into a pipeline system by using connecting means, with at least two measuring electrodes that are fitted into the wall of the measuring tube opposite each other in an electrically isolated manner and are intended for sensing a measuring voltage, a magnet unit, which is likewise arranged on the outside of the measuring tube, generating a magnetic field that is aligned substantially perpendicularly in relation to the direction of flow of the conductive flow medium to be measured. In order to provide here a magnetic-inductive flow meter for low-pressure applications which can be easily produced and can also be easily fitted into a pipeline system, it is proposed here according to the invention that the the measuring tube (1) is produced from a semifinished tube made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which can be fitted into the pipeline system (2) without any flanges.

Retrievable downhole flow meter
Capacitative electromagnetic flow meter
Ultrasonic flow meter with reduced noise
Coriolis mass flow meter having a thick-walled measuring tube
Detector for an ultrasonic flow meter
Karman vortex flow meter
Coriolis mass flow meter employing non-metallic flow conduit structure
Fluidic volumetric fluid flow meter
Electromagnetic flow meter
Fluid flow meter utilizing pressure sensing
Air flow meter
Fluid flow meter
Liquid flow meter construction
Positive displacement flow meter method and apparatus
Magnetic-inductive flow meter with a measuring tube made of plastic

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607 4020689 Flow meter
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