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Detector for an ultrasonic flow meter

The flow meter is free from an external fluid flow noise. The detector has measuring pipe 1 inlet 2 and outlet 3 both axially lined up with base axis X. Pipe 1 is a straight one with opposite upstream and downstream closed ends, provided in each of which ends is echo sounder 4a, 4b capable of both transmitting and receiving the ultrasound. Inlet 2 is connected with a side of the upstream end via bent 2a. Outlet 3 is connected with another side of the downstream end via another bent 3a, which another side is radially opposite to the former side part in pipe 1 so that pipe 1 is tilted at a certain angle from base axis X which is axially lined up with axes of both inlet 2 and outlet 3; and, a center of base axis X coincides with a center of a flow path of a measured fluid inside pipe 1. (See FIG. 1)

Karman vortex flow meter

A Karman vortex flow meter has detection passages located along a fluid flow in a duct. Flow outlets of the detection passages are disposed on an end face of a vortex generation element and flow inlets are disposed upstream from the flow outlets. Heating coils for detecting flow velocity change of a fluid caused by a negative pressure of a Karman vortex are mounted in the detection passages. A flow meter is used that lessens dust accumulation on heating coils, etc., and reliably detects Karman vortexes.

Integral pump and flow meter device

A pump housing is provided with a conduit extending through the housing between a pump inlet and pump outlet. A pump device is disposed within the housing and in communication with the conduit to pump fluid therethrough. A fluid flow meter also is disposed within the housing and in communication with the conduit to monitor fluid flow rate through the conduit. The fluid flow meter generates signals related to the fluid flow rate which are fed back to a control device operable to control the flow rate through the pump device. The flow meter may include a pair of meshed modified elliptical gears. The modified elliptical gears are based on a true elliptical shape, with bulged portions added between the major and minor axes of the elliptical shape. The modified elliptical gears have involute teeth that are relatively thick adjacent the minor axis and relatively thin adjacent the major axis.

Thermally-sensitive type flow meter having a high accuracy

A thermally-sensitive type flow meter measures a flow rate with a high accuracy by eliminating a noise generated in a source voltage. The flow meter includes a sensor chip comprising a substrate carrying sensing elements. First and second resistors are provided on first and second bridges formed over a depression formed on the substrate. The first bridge is positioned on an upstream side and the second bridge is positioned on a downstream side. The first and second resistors generate a heat by the same voltage source. First and second temperature measuring resistors are provided adjacent to the first and second resistors, respectively, to measure a temperature of the first and second resistors. Third and fourth temperature measuring resistors are provided for measuring the temperature of the fluid. A temperature control unit, including the first, second, third and fourth temperature measuring resistors, controls a temperature of each of the first and second resistors to be constant. A flow rate of the fluid is determined based on a voltage difference between a first voltage applied to the first resistor and a second voltage applied to the second resistor.

Retrievable downhole flow meter
Capacitative electromagnetic flow meter
Ultrasonic flow meter with reduced noise
Coriolis mass flow meter having a thick-walled measuring tube
Detector for an ultrasonic flow meter
Karman vortex flow meter
Coriolis mass flow meter employing non-metallic flow conduit structure
Fluidic volumetric fluid flow meter
Electromagnetic flow meter
Fluid flow meter utilizing pressure sensing
Air flow meter
Fluid flow meter
Liquid flow meter construction
Positive displacement flow meter method and apparatus
Magnetic-inductive flow meter with a measuring tube made of plastic

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