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Karman vortex flow meter

A Karman vortex flow meter in which a main passage 1 and a bypass passage 2 are adjacent to each other; a throttle portion 12 is formed at the inlet of the bypass passage to continuously reduce the cross-sectional surface area of the passage, and a flared portion 14 is formed in the bypass passage 2 so that the cross-sectional surface area of the passage is continuously enlarged from an intermediate portion of the passage to the outlet of it. Further, the inlets and the outlets of the main passage and the bypass passage are each arranged in single planes perpendicular to the flow direction of the fluid to be measured, and the boundary portions 16 17 between the main passage and the bypass passage 2 are respectively formed to have a smallest thickness.

Membrane for a fluid flow meter

A fluid flow meter has a housing with a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet and defining therebetween a fluid flow path. The flow meter has a flexible membrane having a inlet end mounted at an inlet region of the fluid flow path and a outlet end mounted at an outlet region of the fluid flow path. The flexible membrane produces undulating motion in response to fluid flow in the fluid flow path. Fluid flow rate is measured by sensing the undulating motion of the membrane. Performance of the meter is enhanced by laminating a layer of material to the membrane.

Flow meter

The flow meter has in a substantially cylindrical inner housing (1) a helically designed diffuser (4), which imparts a swirl to the medium flowing through the inner housing. Downstream of the diffuser there is rotatably mounted a rotor (8), which has blades (13) extending from its rotational spindle (9) as well as a ring (14) which connects the blade ends to one another and is coaxial to the spindle. The rotor (8) is set in rotation by impingement of the blades (13) by the flowing medium. On the outer circumferential surface (15) of the ring (11) there is on a circular line a multiplicity of markings (16) arranged at equal angular intervals from one another. Through a window (18) in the inner housing (1), a light beam strikes the outer circumferential surface (15) of the ring (14), provided with the markings (16). Upon rotation of the rotor (8), the sequence of markings is transmitted by an optical-fibre cable (20) and sensed by a sensor (21), so that from the signals received the flow rate can be determined. The flow meter has the advantage that the medium to be measured does not have to be transparent as in the application of the light barrier and that the multiplicity of markings allows an increase in the measuring accuracy.

Mass flow meter

A mass flow meter for flowing media which works on the Coriolis Principle includes a straight measuring pipe carrying the flow medium, an oscillator acting on the measuring pipe and two transducers detecting Coriolis forces and/or Coriolis oscillations based on Coriolis forces. The meter also has a carrier pipe holding the measuring pipe, the oscillator and the transducers and two temperature sensors that detect the temperature of the measuring pipe and correct the measured value depending on the temperature of the measuring pipe. The measuring pipe and the carrier pipe are connected to one another in a way that excludes relative axial movements, and the axial distance between the connecting points of the measuring pipe carrier pipe represents the oscillation length of the measuring pipe. The mass flow meter is designed so that, in a simple way, the measured value is largely independent from temperature changes and from forces acting from the outside and so that a length-change sensor that detects changes in the oscillation length of the measuring pipe can correct the measured value depending on the oscillation length of and stress on the measuring pipe.

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