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Flow meter

A fluid flow meter is disclosed which can generate both an electrical and a mechanical representation of flow rate. A first magnet, mounted within a flow tube, is displaced in response to fluid flow in the flow tube. A second magnet, mounted outside the flow tube, moves in response to changes in the magnetic coupling between the first magnet and the second magnet caused by displacement of the first magnet within the flow tube. A pointer is coupled to the second magnet and moves with the second magnet to produce a visual representation of flow rate. A sensor, mounted in proximity to the second magnet, and responsive to movement of the second magnet, produces an electrical signal representative of the flow rate.

Vortex flow meter

A vortex flow meter comprises a first diaphragm which divides first and second pressure chambers from each other; a second diaphragm which divides third and fourth pressure chambers from each other and is disposed in such a manner that the direction in which the second diaphragm is movable is coincident with that in which the first diaphragm is movable, and that the direction is not coincident with that of the maximum component of an external force which acts on the diaphragms; first and second bridge circuits which make outputs in response to the action of the first and second diaphragms, respectively; and differential amplifiers which perform the differential amplification of the outputs from the first and second bridge circuits.

Fluidic volumetric fluid flow meter

Fluidic volumetric flow meter method and apparatus wherein undesirable dynamic interaction (ringing) which could appear in an output signal is inhibited. Electrical isolation and shielding also contribute to a high quality output signal in accordance with the invention. Particularly advantageous housing structures adapt the flow measurement device to a variety of applications as a complete flow meter.

Method of measuring flow rate and flow meter for use in said method as well as apparatus for controlling flow rate of liquid using said flow meter

A part of a tube, through which a fluid passes, is cooled by means of an electronic cooling element and a flow rate of the fluid is measured on the basis of a temperature of a surface of the tube cooled. Not only can the flow rate of the liquid flowing through the tube be determined in a noncontacting manner and a very small flow rate of the liquid be determined, but also the tube is cooled so that no bubbles are generated, and thus the measurment of the liquid, which is apt to generate gases, such as low boiling point liquid, is possible. In addition, the measurement is not influenced by the gases dissolved in the liquid and merely the temperature difference resulting from the flow of the fluid, that is, the rise of the temperature of the fluid, is detected to prevent the measurement from being influenced by the installing posture of the flow meter, so that a highly accurate measurement is possible. Consequently, stable and sure controlling flow rate of liquid is possible.

Retrievable downhole flow meter
Capacitative electromagnetic flow meter
Ultrasonic flow meter with reduced noise
Coriolis mass flow meter having a thick-walled measuring tube
Detector for an ultrasonic flow meter
Karman vortex flow meter
Coriolis mass flow meter employing non-metallic flow conduit structure
Fluidic volumetric fluid flow meter
Electromagnetic flow meter
Fluid flow meter utilizing pressure sensing
Air flow meter
Fluid flow meter
Liquid flow meter construction
Positive displacement flow meter method and apparatus
Magnetic-inductive flow meter with a measuring tube made of plastic

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