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Electromagnetic flow meter

An electromagnetic flow meter for measuring the flow rate of a fluid by applying to the fluid a magnetic field generated with an exciting current and measuring the resulting signal voltage generated at a pair of electrodes; wherein the exciting current comprises two frequency components which are lower and higher than the usual commercial frequency and the signal voltage comprises two frequencies which are discriminated so that a higher frequency is extracted as a first output and a lower frequency is extracted as a second output, through a low pass filter having a large time constant. A predetermined operation, such as addition, zero correction, response correction, etc, is carried out on the first and second outputs to produce a flow rate output. The invention has quick response, stable zero point and reduced susceptibility to noises.

Flow meter support and retainer

A flow meter includes a flow channel having walls and defining a direction of flow. Stators are provided, having walls, disposed at least partially within the flow channel. A rotor is included for rotating with respect to the stator. A one piece retainer is provided for assisting in limiting axial rotor movement comprising a first pair of spaced apart wall portions for engaging the flow channel walls wherein each wall portion in the first pair of wall portions is located on a side of an axis opposite from the other. A second wall portion is located on the axis for engaging the stator wall wherein compression of each of the first pair of wall portions toward the axis results in a component of force being applied to the second wall portion along the axis.

Mass flow meter operating by the Coriolis principle

A mass flow meter operating by the Coriolis principle comprises a mechanical oscillating system having two straight measuring tubes which are clamped at both ends. The mechanical oscillating system is arranged axially in a support tube. In the center of the measuring tubes an oscillation exciter is disposed which sets the two measuring tubes into oppositely phased flexural oscillations. Oscillation sensors sensing the mechanical oscillations at equal distances on both sides of the oscillation exciter generate electrical oscillation sensor signals which are characteristic of the frequency and phase position of the sensed oscillations. An evaluation circuit receives the oscillation sensor signals and generates from their phase difference a measuring signal indicating the measured value of the mass flow. A first temperature sensor is arranged such that it measures the temperature of the support tube and generates a first temperature sensor signal indicating said temperature. A second temperature sensor is so arranged that it measures the temperature of the mechanical oscillating system and generates a second temperature sensor signal indicating said temperature. A correction circuit receives the two temperature sensor signals and imparts to the measuring signal on the basis of the temperatures measured a correction for eliminating the temperature influence on the measurement result.

Mass flow meter based on the coriolis principle

A mass flow meter based on the Coriolis principle. The meter has two rectilinear measuring tubes juxtaposed in parallel and mechanically connected at adjacent ends thereof. An oscillation generator is connected to the tubes between the ends thereof for driving the tubes in opposite directions. A sensor connected to the tubes on opposite sides of the oscillation generator sense and signal relative oscillations of the tubes which is indicative of the flow through the tubes. The measuring tubes have different bending strengths in two perpendicular axial planes thereof to reduce the amplitudes of vibration in the plane normal to the plane of interest. Individual masses applied to the measuring tubes cause the natural frequency of at least the first mechanical harmonic of the measuring tubes to differ from the natural frequency of the mechanical fundamental counter-oscillation by a factor x which differs from a whole number by at least 0.1.

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