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Safety tether for hand tools

A safety device for hand tools includes a casing having a first clasp secured to the casing for mounting to the tool. A second clasp is mounted to a retractable cable connected to a constant tension cable reel mounted within the casing: The cable is payed out of and retracted into the bottom of the housing in its normal use position, and the second clasp is attached to a fixed support or "lock point" located below the normal working height of the tool. In use, when the tool is held by a worker and the housing is upright, a lock plate is disengaged from a ratchet plate fixed to the retractable reel so the tool is freely moveable relative to the lock point and easily maneuvered. If the tool is dropped, the reel retracts the cable as the tool begins to fall. The device is inverted as it falls below the lock point. As the device turns over, the lock plate shifts under gravity, and the weight of the tool places the cable in tension and tries to counter-rotate the hub, thus causing the lock plate to rapidly engage the ratchet plate and lock the reel, preventing further cable pay out and securing the tool before it strikes the floor or ground.

Adjustable guide rail for hand tools

A method and apparatus are provided for constructing and operating an adjustable guide rail for hand tools, by attaching an elongated blade to a guide with a locking ratcheting apparatus. The locking ratcheting apparatus is thumb-operable. The elongated blade includes a first series of teeth. The guide includes the moveable thumb-operable latch. The latch has a second series of teeth which are selectively moveable into and out of engagement with the first series of teeth on the elongated blade for selectively preventing and allowing sliding movement of the elongated blade with respect to the guide. The teeth allow incremental adjustment of the guide rail apparatus.

Retractable tether device for hand tools

A retractable tether device for tools for attachment to hand tools, including power tools includes a retractable tether or cord attached to a reel for extension and retraction thereof the distal end of the cord includes an attachment device for connecting the cord to a hand tool or other implement. A cord retaining arrangement is attached to the housing on the exterior thereof to selectively retain the cord against tension from the reel and from the power tool.

Ergonomic hand tools, construction thereof, and packaging therefor

Handles allow hand tools, implements or other utensils to operate within their arc of natural use, motion and attack without requiring extension, flexion, radial deviation, or lunar deviation of the wrist from the neutral plane of the forearm. The preferred embodiments further include a grip shaped to increase the effectiveness of the tool and minimize antagonism between muscles and tendons of the wrist, forearm and upper arm, while maximizing the effectiveness of the gripping force delivered to it by the user. Maintaining the wrist and forearm in a neutral position increases a tool user's potential strength by increasing the synergy between large muscles of the forearm and upper arm and shoulders. Ornamental tool designs, manufacturing techniques, and packaging options are also disclosed.

Removable twisting measuring device for various hand tools
Safety tether for hand tools

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