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Lobster-shaped built-up toy

A lobster-shaped toy is built up from a plurality of modeled parts including a main body part, a lower carapace part, two antenna parts, a plurality of segmental shell parts, two claw parts, and a telson part. All these modeled parts are connected to one another through engagement of slits provided thereon and thereby form a three-dimensional toy lobster. These parts are also provided with patterns showing specific features that are usually found on a real lobster, so that the assembled toy lobster is vivid to attract more players and helps players to know more things about the lobster.

Lobster packing box system

A container system for packing live lobsters and other crustaceans has two sidewall components, and optional intermediate wall components, with mating faces formed with uniformly spaced vertical pockets. There may be a separable bottom component as well. The components may be separately molded for interchangeable fit, or cut out from a common core molding as a matched set. Together the y form an open top box, with pockets aligned to form open top cells for holding lobsters, tail first. A top is used to contain the live lobsters under a cooling gel pack or layer of ice. The closed box may be further enclosed in a sleeve and liner for additional security and protection against leakage. The box can be opened one component at a time, exposing only one layer of lobsters at a time, permitting easy inspection and removal of each lobster.

One way removable lobster gate with closed position lobster entry opening

An extruded plastic one way obstruction gate assembly for use in the lobster fishing industry. A three fingered rotatable tine assembly attachable to an existing circular hoop of the conventional lobster pot or trap. A curved multi-tine gate assures low frontage obstruction to a lobster by providing an opening located between the bottom of the gate tines and the lower portion of a circular hoop off a lobster trap. A bridge is securable to the hoop and the tine assembly snaps in place on the bridge. This tine assembly easily swings upward and is shaped with a void that provides an alternate escape for undersized lobsters while containing the legal size lobster catch within the trap.

Vacuum packed microwaveable lobster package and process

Packaging for lobster, within which the product may be microwaved, including the use of pallet structure for positioning the lobster within the packaging to avoid penetration of the plastic wrapping film by shell structure. The packaging is vacuum sealed, flash frozen and distributed to be subsequently microwaved without rupture of the packaging until after microwaving.

Lobster packing box system
Lobster-shaped built-up toy
One way removable lobster gate with closed position lobster entry opening
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Vacuum packed microwaveable lobster package and process
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