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Radio frequency detectable medical supplies

A medical supply such as an operating room towel, laparotomy sponge, gauze pad, bandage, or swab with radio frequency detectable material which eliminates the need for re-entry into a patent after operating in situations where medical supplies are missing. The patent can be easily scanned with a handheld scanner to determine if the medical supply was accidentally left inside the patient. If no RF detectable material is observed, unnecessary re-entry into the patient is prevented. The radio frequency detectable material is incorporated into the medical supply as a tag, in the handle, as a handle, stitched to the medical supply, woven into the medical supply, or sewn into a seam in the medical supply. An identifier on the medical supply indicates that the medical supply is an RF detectable medical supply. In addition to preventing unnecessary re-entry, scanning for RF detectable material is much safer than scanning for x-ray detectable material.

Packaging material for and packaged product of medical supplies and the like

A packaging material is formed by a substrate, and an inner sealing layer comprising a polyolefin layer and an aqueous dispersion-type polyester resin layer successively disposed on the substrate. The aqueous dispersion-type amorphous polyester resin layer contains an anionic surfactant or an amphoteric surfactant and is substantially free from an organic solvent having a boiling point of at most C. The thus-formed packaging material is excellent in aroma-retentivity, aroma non-adsorptivity, particulate non-adhesion, low residual solvent and sealability. The packaging material is also free from environmental problem and is therefore suitable as a packaging material for particulate medical supplies and health foodstuff.

Receptacle for holding medical supplies

RECEPTACLE FOR HOLDING MEDICAL SUPPLIES A receptacle for holding medical supplies is necessary for a caregiver to quickly and efficiently obtain desired medical supplies within a caregiving room or a caregiving vehicle, such as Emergency Medical Service vehicles, fire engines, or ambulances. Caregiving rooms and vehicles can be small and lack cabinets sufficient to hold certain medical supplies. The present invention's slim structure can be either mounted on a wall, placed on a countertop, on a floor, or on a stand of the caregiving room or vehicle. When the present invention is opaque or clear, the medical supplies contained therein are visible. The receptacle can also be a solid color with the contents and their warning indications depicted on the outer front of the receptacle. A user can conveniently and expediently extract medical supplies through openings on the receptacle by using only one hand since the medical supply containers are restrained by the restraint feature of the receptacle.

Method for the supply of medical supplies to a health-care institution based on a nested bill of materials on a procedure level
Radio frequency detectable medical supplies

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