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Real estate sign fastener

The device is a sign fastening device that is meant to be used to attach one sign to another one above it. The device is a specially shaped wire that can be effectively used on the standard signs that are used in the real estate industry. These signs have holes in the top and bottom edges that can be ideally joined with the device of the present invention.

Real estate search and location system and method

A novel system and method for locating real estate properties for potential purchase including a graphical locator interface which permits definition of a desired area for search by placing of a user-controlled selector on a map displayed on a CRT. Additional search qualifications including price, type of structure and others are also specified. The completed specification is then transmitted to a host system and is used for a search of a database of available properties.

Library structure for video library of real estate properties

A library structure for housing in an organized and catalogued fashion a plurality of video tapes about real estate properties and related services which includes cabinets and teaser video screens displaying interesting or featured properties to attract potential customers of real estate property services.

Electronic real estate lockbox system

A comprehensive real estate lockbox system is disclosed which provides a variety of operational features. Some of these features include the ability to: record all accesses to all lockboxes; transfer all or part of such records from the lockboxes to a supervising real estate agency or board; organize and review such records; facilitate operation of lockboxes that are mounted in awkward or poorly lit locations; limit lockbox accesses to preselected agents, agencies or boards; reprogram lockboxes in the field; monitor redundantly the status of the lockbox battery; record diagnostic information on each operation of a lockbox or key; render keys in

Wireless intelligent real estate electronic lock box
Real estate sign fastener

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