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Auto-disable safety syringe

An auto-disable safety syringe including a needle, a needle seat, a plunger, and a barrel. A cover of a needle seat chamber formed in the needle seat is provided with a splined hole having teeth and grooves. The needle seat has a ring block and an outer wall with splined teeth capable of passing through the grooves. A locking groove is formed in an inner cavity of the ring block and a locking head is formed on a connecting head to form a locking mechanism. Spiral grooves on the inner cavity engage with protrusions on the connecting head. When the locking head and the locking groove are interlocked and the plunger is retracted, the needle seat and the needle are retracted inside the barrel together. The syringe protects both patient and medical staff, is simple in structure, convenient to use and destructible.

Safety syringe

A safety syringe includes a flexible holder-supporting seat that is sleeved around and that clamps a needle holder within a front end portion of a syringe barrel. A flexible sealing member seals an open front end of a plunger so as to define a vacuum chamber in the plunger. When the plunger moves within the barrel to a front limit position, a holder-retaining front portion of the sealing member engages and retains the needle holder thereon, and the plunger pushes the holder-supporting seat to separate from the needle holder such that the sealing member and the needle holder move rearward within the syringe barrel due to negative pressure produced in the plunger, thereby retracting a needle into the syringe, barrel.

Interchangeable needle safety syringe

The present invention is a safety syringe for use with a plurality of interchangeable needles. The plurality of needles may be inserted by the user into the safety syringe for use. In operations, the user selects the desired needle, e.g., a needle having a particular gauge or size or of a particular type. The user inserts the needle into a safety syringe comprising a barrel, a needle assembly area located within or attached to the barrel and a plunger. The needle couples to the syringe by a number of means. For instance, a locking mechanism may be used by which a needle hub located within the needle assembly has an area adapted to mate with a corresponding area on the needle. Or, the needle may be formed as part of a separate needle assembly, whereby the user will place the entire needle assembly onto the end of the syringe barrel. During use, the user operates the syringe, using one hand to depress the plunger, which ultimately causes a spring to propel the needle into the barrel of the syringe.

Safety syringe

A safety syringe has a hollow barrel, a plunger, a connector, a plug and a needle hub. The plunger has a protrusion extended from the plunger and along a longitudinal axis of the plunger. The connector is mounted around the protrusion of the plunger. Multiple limit stubs and multiple curved limit channels communicating with a corresponding notch with an inclined side-wall are respectively formed on the connector and a connecting chamber in a connecting tube of the needle hub. When the plunger is being pushed towards the needle hub, the multiple limit stubs respectively pass through the corresponding curved limit channel and are contained in the corresponding notch. The inclined side-wall of the notch will stably connect the limit stub so the plunger can stably retract the needle hub in the hollow barrel.

Auto-disable safety syringe
Universal safety syringe
Safety syringe with retracting needle
Safety syringe having a needle to be retracted and canted within a protective sleeve
Retractable safety syringe with push rod in plunger

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