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Spinal needle system

A spinal needle system that signals entry into the epidural space and stabilizes the dura mater. The system includes a cannula having at a distal tip an annular surface surrounding a terminal port and at least one barb projecting at an angle from the annular surface of the cannula for grasping and controlling the tissue. Each barb is formed having a sharp edge configured to grasp the tissue as the tubular member is rotated about its longitudinal axis. One implementation of the system includes a plurality of unidirectional barbs spaced around the annular surface of the cannula. The system includes an indicator mechanism that gives a visual and a tactile indication of when the cannula encounters and penetrates tissue. The system facilitates the appropriate placement of an epidural or subdural catheter or patch of any kind.

Spinal needle

The present invention is directed toward an improved spinal needle. A needle hub is disposed about a proximate end of a hollow needle. The needle hub side port indicators provide visual and tactual verification by a user of the orientation of the side port on the needle. The needle hub also includes a window with a magnified view. The invention provides a stylet cap disposed about a proximate end of a stylet that freely slides inside the hollow needle and needle hub. The stylet cap forms a pressure fit with the needle hub, and can be engaged in the pressure fit from any axial orientation.

Multiple hole spinal needle
Spinal needle system

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