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Syringe Pump Patent

Syringe pump

A syringe pump has an arm swung against the barrel of the syringe. The arm is coupled to a strip mask having a row of transparent apertures of differing length. The mask extends above a CCD array of sensing elements and below a concave mirror, which produces a collimated beam of radiation on the mask from an LED. The length of sensing elements exposed to radiation through an aperture in the mask gives an approximate indication of barrel size; the position of an edge of the aperture gives an accurate indication. The pump compares the barrel size with information relating size to syringe type and produces an indication of syringe type on a display.

Syringe pump infusion control set

A syringe pump infusion control set (10) includes a high cracking bottle port check valve (22) and a low cracking patient port check valve (50) by which to selectively and automatically couple a syringe (40) to the fluid source (36) and the patient (58) with proper dynamic response for an injection from the syringe (40).

Multiple syringe pump assembly for liquid handler

A multiple probe liquid handler includes a syringe pump assembly with multiple syringe pumps communicating with the probes. A carriage movable with respect to a fixed support base carries syringe pump pistons moving within syringe pump cylinders secured to the base. A drive system including a single drive motor has a single drive point connection to the carriage for moving the carriage and operating the syringe pumps in order to draw fluid into or discharge fluid from the multiple probes. A linear motion support assembly includes spaced rails attached to the support base and slides attached to the carriage and riding along the rails. The assembly includes two parallel rails and three slides, one riding along one rail and two riding along the other rail, providing an inexpensive yet imbalance tolerant three point support.

Syringe pump apparatus for remote delivery of reactants

The invention generally provides the apparatus for liquid delivery comprising a syringe pump for reactant delivery and a syringe pump for liquid chase material delivery.

Syringe pump infusion control set
Syringe pump, and liquid feeding method

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