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Tea bag with inner tag

A tea bag (1) including a sealed pouch (30) having an internal tag (50) disposed inside the sealed pouch or nestled between the lobes (31a, 31b) of a multi-lobed pouch (3). The internal tag containing text (60), or other message comprised of letters, words, images, symbols or other indicia imprinted thereon or created using a cut-out technique. When the sealed pouch becomes wet and translucent, the text, or other message, is revealed to a user.

Tea bag press and holder

The present invention provides an aesthetically pleasing tea press that hides a tea bag from view as the tea bag is being used to drain tea into a cup. The tea press includes a first section and a second section movably attached to the first section, thereby enabling the first and second sections to be closed together, wherein at least one of the first and second sections defines a tea draining aperture and has a tea bag accommodating area such that the first and second sections create a cavity suitably sized to hide a tea bag from view when the sections are closed together.

Tea bag

An improved tea bag has a pouch containing tea and a string connected to the pouch. A securing element is connected to the string. The securing element is releaseably attachable to an object such as a tea cup or tea pot.

Nonwoven fabric and tea bag

A nonwoven fabric characterized in that the nonwoven fabric is a thermoplastic synthetic fiber nonwoven fabric having a fabric weight of 7 to 50 g/m.sup.2, an average yarn diameter of 7 to 40 .mu.m, a partial heat contact bonding ratio of 5 to 30% and a content of a delustering agent of 0.5% by weight or less, or a nonwoven fabric laminate the major component of which is the thermoplastic synthetic fiber nonwoven fabric, and that the nonwoven fabric has a maximum opening diameter of 200 to 2,000 .mu.m, and shows a transparency of 50% or more, a powder leakage ratio of 10% by weight or less and a hydrophilicity of less than 10 sec, and a tea bag in which the nonwoven fabric is used.

Device for transferring filled tea bags from a single track tea bag packaging machine to a processing machine
Tea bag with inner tag

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