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Free-standing urine collection bag and urine bag system

A self-standing urine collection bag that includes a bag of flexible material having an air and liquid-tight closure; a pair of opposing substantially flat, flexible side panels that are bonded to one-another and that expand when the bag is filled; an inwardly-recessed, gusseted bottom panel that is folded when the bag is empty, and unfolded when the bag is full; wherein the bottom panel provides support for the side panels so that, when filled with urine, the bag is self-supporting and can maintain a stable vertical standing position when resting on a substantially horizontal surface. A self standing urine bag system that maintains the bag's volumetric reading precision by using a reusable, rigid frame to deploy fully the flexible, disposable bag.

Urine bag for a male human

A urine bag for a male human has a pouch with an opening defined in the pouch, a fastener mounted around a periphery defining the opening, and an arcuate piece mounted between the arcuate piece and the periphery. The pouch is composed of a permeable layer, an absorbent layer, and a waterproof layer. The urine bag can be worn to collect urine from a user who does not have convenient access to a toilet, and the urine bag is disposable after use.

Urine bag cleaning machine
Urine bag for a male human

PAT. NO. Title
10 20060111681 Free-standing urine collection bag and urine bag system
11 20030023222 Urine bag for a male human

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