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Disposable flavor insert for water dispenser

A water dispenser is provided which includes a housing for the dispenser, a dispensing area associated with the housing and including a space for receiving a receptacle for receiving a charge of water from the dispenser, a water outlet through which water is dispensed into the dispensing area, and a fixed flange support positioned between the water outlet and the dispensing area arranged to receive a flavor insert device in a substantially horizontally sliding manner. The flavor insert device includes a cup having a flange extending around at least a portion of a periphery of the cup, a porous enclosure located in the cup, and a supply of solid flavor particles contained in the porous enclosure.

Appliances having built-in water dispenser

An appliance is provided with a water dispenser. A fan or heater assembly, a hair dryer assembly, and a brush assembly are disclosed. Each of these assemblies includes a water dispenser incorporated therein.

Cooling-cycle device and cold/hot water dispenser comprising the same

A cooling-cycle device and a cold/hot water dispenser comprising the same are disclosed. The cold/hot water dispenser includes a water supply source and a cooling-cycle device in a main body to cool water of the water supply source. The cooling-cycle device includes a compressor, a condenser, an expansion unit, and an evaporator arranged to constitute a closed circuit through a refrigerant pipe and to allow the water from the water supply source to be cooled by the evaporator. The compressor comprises a closed container, a compressing unit including a compressing compartment to perform compression of refrigerant, a driving unit including a low-speed motor having four poles or more to supply compressing power according to the compression of the refrigerant, and a turbocharger to increase the amount of the refrigerant flowing to the compressing compartment. Even with the low-speed motor employed as the driving unit, the compressor can remarkably reduce operational noise without deteriorating cooling capability.

Rapid electric heating water dispenser

A rapid electric heating water dispenser includes a body, a base, an electric heating element located in the body, a hot water drain valve and a hot water outlet. A water pipe and an electric heating tube cling to each other through a casting body. A liquefaction inner tube between the outlet of the aforesaid water pipe and the hot water drain valve. The electric heating tube has a capacity matched with the volume of the water pipe to heat the water passed by to at least C. A water head is located between the water inlet of the liquefaction inner tube and the water circuit connected with it, and the water level of the liquefaction inner tube should be higher than that of the water circuit.

Water dispenser for quilting
Boiling water dispenser having improved water temperature control system
Water dispenser and filter cartridge for use therein

PUB. APP. NO. Title
75 20060144242 Disposable flavor insert for water dispenser
76 20060137209 Appliances having built-in water dispenser
77 20060130512 Cooling-cycle device and cold/hot water dispenser comprising the same
78 20060120704 Rapid electric heating water dispenser
79 20060096300 Water dispenser having thermoelectric cooling chips
80 20060086130 Ice and water dispenser on refrigerator compartment door
81 20060049089 System for water dispenser disinfection by integral heating, corresponding method, device and fountains
82 20060032864 Water dispenser
83 20050279689 Water dispenser and filter cartridge for use therein
84 20050268639 Variable flow water dispenser for refrigerator freezers
85 20050268638 Water dispenser for refrigerator freezers
86 20050268624 Measured fill water dispenser for refrigerator freezer
87 20050224133 Receptacle assembly for bottled water dispenser
88 20050188855 Coffee and water dispenser
89 20050077320 Non-spill water bottle cap for purified water dispenser
90 20050076667 Apparatus and method for hydraulically interconnecting a bottled water dispenser with an automatic ice maker and water chiller
91 20050029298 Bottled water dispenser stand
92 20050006405 Bottled type water dispenser
93 20050000878 Filtering apparatus of water dispenser
94 20040261865 Outlet valve structure for water dispenser
95 20040251277 Water inlet and venting pipe of water dispenser
97 20040211790 Valve for a refrigerator water dispenser
98 20040197130 Water dispenser for quilting
99 20040183041 Safety switch for a water dispenser
100 20040164098 Safety switch for a water dispenser
101 20040149643 Portable, refillable water dispenser serving batches of water purified of organic and inorganic pollutants
102 20040065684 Water dispenser
103 20040045206 Advertising method for fixed bottle bottled water dispenser
104 20040011637 Vacuum low-temperature distilled pure water dispenser
105 20040004089 Cover for water dispenser bottle
106 20030213437 Automatic water dispenser for pets
107 20030205585 Anti run-on device for refrigerator water dispenser
108 20030071065 Faucet for a drinking-water dispenser
109 20020170618 Automatic shutoff device for filtered bottled water dispenser
110 20010010240 Refrigerated water dispenser for refrigerators

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