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Water filter with strainer scraping means

A water filter having a strainer mounted on the inside for straining water, and a reciprocating device controlled by a pressure differential controller to reciprocate a disk-like scraper in the strainer, causing it to scrape out dirt from the strainer, the disk-like scraper having a center water hole and a check valve mounted in the center water hole for permitting water to flow downwards in the strainer through the center water hole and stopping water from flowing upwards in the strainer through the center water hole.

Water filter

The present invention concerns a water filter designed to be inserted into a drinking water circuit. The water filter has a support designed to house removably one or more different filters each having a different filtering property and adapted to be mounted either independently of each other or associated in a particular combination so as to effect a filtration of the drinking water according to its composition.

Water filter with hydraulically displaceable filter unit

A water filter including a filter unit utilizing bag filters and including a hydraulic jack for displacing the bag filters between a lower operative position and an elevated position where the bags are readily accessible the jack preferably in the form of a pair of relatively extensible tubular telescopic members in a flow path between a pump delivery connection and the inlet to the filter bags with one of the members providing a flow communication from the member to the filter outlet. The filter also includes inlet means to the filter bag directing flow to wash the interior surface of the bags.

Water filter for use with a faucet

A water filter cartridge for use with a water faucet includes a cover and a filter element located within the cover. The cover has a single unfiltered water input connection and a pair of water output connections, one for filtered water and one for unfiltered water. There is a conduit within the cover connecting the unfiltered water input connection and the unfiltered water output connection. There is a flow path within the cover from said unfiltered water input connection, through said filter element, and connecting to said filtered water output connection.

Water filter having a filter use time indicator
Water filter with strainer scraping means
Orally operable water filter
Hinge down refrigerator water filter

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66 5482619 Water filter assembly operable to prevent a jump condition
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68 5411661 Water filter module
69 5348647 Water filter with back wash function
70 5344558 Water filter cartridge
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72 5322625 Filter element for a gravity-flow water filter
73 5318703 Water filter module
74 5277805 Rechargeable water filter
75 5269922 Water filter
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77 5213688 Shower water filter assembly
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79 5178758 Biochemical water filter
80 5164082 Water filter having lever controlled plunger
81 5151179 Faucet connected water filter
82 5149428 Water filter with extended operational period
83 5135645 Refrigerator water filter
84 5133871 Water filter
85 5133385 Changeover valve for water filter
86 5130020 Portable water filter unit having storage space for flexible tubes
87 5114570 Water filter cartridge
88 5017286 Faucet-mounted water filter with wall inlet and annular chamber
89 5008008 Universally adaptable pool water filter structure
90 5002665 Device for filtering water with filter insert
91 4895651 Personal, portable, disposable tap water filter
92 4865056 Easily breakable plastic capsule and a water filter for a cigarette using the same
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94 4824565 Personal, portable, disposable tap water filter
95 4814078 Water filter cartridge
96 4804467 Water filter assembly
97 4786420 Self-cleaning water filter system
98 4776956 Combination water filter and container apparatus
99 4773998 Water filter
100 4770768 Water filter apparatus and aerator assembly

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