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Orally operable water filter

An orally operable water filter includes an outer covering formed of a flexible, water impervious material and which defines an elongate enclosure. A flexible microporous filter membrane, having a pore size of not more than one micron, is disposed within the elongate enclosure and divides the enclosure into respective fluid inlet and fluid outlet compartments, such that the outlet may be placed in the mouth of the user and the fluid inlet may be contacted with a source of water to be filtered by drawing the water through the filter using oral suction. Furthermore, the filter includes a flexible separator, disposed at least in the outlet compartment, for preventing the blocking of fluid over the surface of the filter membrane.

Water filter unit and dispenser

A replaceable water filter unit which can be used with a water pitcher, water bottle, or other such water dispensing device utilizes activated charcoal particles which are sandwiched between a pair of pads which may be fabricated of polyester felt batting material. The pads and charcoal particles sandwiched therebetween are installed in a frusto-conical housing with the pads in tight abutment against the side walls of the housing. The opposite end walls of the housing are apertured and each of the pads is installed directly opposite one of these end wall portions. The housing is removably installed in the outlet portion of the water dispensing device such that the water passes through the pads and the charcoal particles when being dispensed.

Home water filter

A water filter apparatus is provided, which is especially useful in filtering out chemicals from tap water. The filter includes upper and lower vessels and a filter assembly between them which includes activated charcoal for adsorbing chemicals. The filter assembly includes a filter housing with inlet holes near the bottom of the upper vessel and a filter vent near the top of the upper vessel for releasing gas produced during filtering through the activated charcoal. A ring-shaped preliminary filter lies around the inlet holes, to avoid blocking the upward passage of gas through the vent. The filter extends partially through the holes, to lie closely along the path of upwardly-flowing gas bubbles, so the bubbles tend to drag along gas forming at the inside of the preliminary filter. A cap assembly on the upper vessel permits the escape of vented gas while avoiding splashing. The container is preferably placed in a refrigerator during filtering, to aid in adsorption of chemicals.

Household water filter system

A portable water filter for household use is disclosed, comprising a pair of releasably connected, upper and lower sections. A water faucet is connected by a line having a severe flow restriction to the lower section for discharge into the bottom thereof. The two sections are connected by a threaded collar having an integral wall separating the two sections with aperture means at its center for upward flow of water from the lower to the upper section. Each section contains two filtering materials, one of which in each section is a plurality of nested, cup-shaped, paper filter elements sealed by a mating ring to the interior surface of the respective section. The walls of the sections are transparent to permit viewing of the filter materials, thereby visually indicating the need for filter replacement by the degree of discoloration thereof.

Water filter having a filter use time indicator
Water filter with strainer scraping means
Orally operable water filter
Hinge down refrigerator water filter

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