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Portable ultraviolet water purifier

A portable ultraviolet water purifier is disclosed which has an outer housing defining a water chamber with a coupling for attachment to a faucet an inlet and an outlet with an ultraviolet light source therein.

Water purifier

Water purifier includes a container having a room, a filtering material disposed in the room for purifying water for catching particles and fungi such as polio viruses. The filtering material is a sintered activated carbon block filter having pores. The filtering material preferably has a first filtering material and a second filtering material. One thing out of the first filtering material and the second filtering material is formed of a sintered activated carbon block filter whose average pore diameter is relatively small and whose amount of penetrating water is relatively small per unit time. Another thing out of the first filtering material and the second filtering material is formed of a sintered activated carbon block filter whose average pore diameter is relatively large and whose amount of penetrating water is relatively large per unit time.

Water purifier filtration portion, water purifier main body, and water purifier including the both

A water purifier is composed of a valve main body and a filtration portion, which are coupled to each other in an attachable and detachable manner at the main body side coupling portion and the filtration portion side coupling portion. Consequently, the water purifier filtration portion can be connected to the water purifier main body in a single step with ease in a secure manner, and at the same time, the water purifier filtration portion will not fall off easily even when water with a high water pressure flows in. Also, the water purifier is provided with a concave portion and a sensor packing formed as an integral portion of the concave portion and protruding toward an indicator portion on a wall surface of a cartridge. The indicator portion is provided with a conductive member at a position where it is brought into contact with a first input portion by a water pressure and thereby closes an electric circuit on a circuit board. Consequently, the service life (the rated service cycle) of a filter material (medium) can be notified to the user accurately, and a fluid-tight condition of the indicator portion and the cartridge portion can be ensured.

Solar powered portable water purifier

The water purification system and associated method of the present invention consists of a generally self-contained, highly maneuverable, portable water purification system. Maneuverability is enhanced by mounting a cabinet on wheels or on a cart that may be easily guided to a water supply. Power is supplied to the system in a solar cell. The power is used to operate the pump of the system and to power the purifying radiation source. The system can also be used as a portable power source in addition to its capacity as a water purifier.

Portable ultraviolet water purifier
Diverter and water purifier having same
Remote control valve for reverse osmosis water purifier

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